Become a Supporter of "Zafiro icons" and similar. Prevented me from starting making my own. download from opendesktop the latest weekly version, or from releases to have the last major update (less constant). At the moment I only accept reports of icons of missing applications, Follow. 49. from opendesktop you will have 8 different versions available. Learn more. All contributors are responsible for their uploads. 10 the best love the colors and design, just Figma, Gpick and CSGO icons don't work. 48. However, it is incredibly useful which is why I think it can have a place regardless. 10 the best All it needs is an Alacritty icon. Love these icons. The Smiths by Eric Watson, 1984. thegoldenyearz . Learn more. + Needs more icons, but the ones that does exist already looks really nice! 47. The Zafiro icon pack is a flat, clean icon theme created for Linux users. 86 new icons, symbolics links and new desings. Antu is one of the favorite icons that scored well after Zafiro on the xfce-look site. #Icons. 49. NOTE:Only the classic version has been updated. 0.9.4 1 year ago. +really beautiful, thanks. flat in this update is much better compatibility with kde, new apps icons- 113 new icons mimetypes- zotero- deepin-manual- mailspring- new symbolic links for sublime text and gitkraken, for support full, new apps icons- kazam- starbound- selinux- sepolicy- seamonkey- qemu- akregator- application-electrinic, New icons - support for new icons fo deepin desktop, new apps icons- 36 icons for suite openoffice- new icon pycharm, new apps icons- kdevelop- terminator- kmix/alsamixergui- ao-app- cmake- assaultcube- preferences-system-brightness-lock, new apps iconsredshiftbraindumpredditparaviewwolfram-playerminecrafttamtam-apppkgbrowserthermal-monitorwaterfox, new apps icons- ramme- katomic- emule/amule- boostnote- bomi- bitcoin- authy- armagetronad- aptana- aptana- appcode- abricotine- photivo- blogilo- r-linux- grub-customizer- slimjet- geeqie- darktable- dnfdragora, - 20 new icons for chrome extensions- Multiple symbolic links were added to give more supportnew apps icons- curlew- slack- code-insiders- clamav- fbmessenger- chrome-store- netflix- facebook- Prepos- fedoramediawriter- Dnfdragora- mega- devdocs- chess- chakra- atomix- arduino- android-studio- gnome-booksapps icons redesing- krita/mtpain, - 27 new icons have been added for mimetypes- The integration has been improved with gnome-shellnew apps icons- lmms- zynaddsubfx- 2048-qt- 4kslideshowmaker- Zoom- youtube- webstorm- youtrack- youtube-dl- yast-firewallicons redesigned- gucharmap / gnome-characters, modifications were made for the integration with ubuntu 18.04new apps icons- kvantum- makehuman- gnome-system-log- gufw- uget- gnome-PowerS, modifications were made for the integration with KDE / plasma, in addition to the new application icons added for better support- regedit- wine-help- octopi- mps- mono-runtime- 1cestart- ubuntusoftware- org.gnome.tweaks- calligrakarbon- calligrastage- klipper- kwrite- okular- bijiben- spectacle, New apps icons:- soundconverter- soundkconverter- signal- notepad/winenotepad- nocturn- nextcloud- kodi- keepassxc- hedgewars- guake- guake-prefs- gnome-color-chooser- feedreader- deluge- counter-strike- teeworlds- supertux2- openra- endless-sky- otter-browser- popcorntime- winetricks- mines- winemines- wine config, new apps icons- whatsapp- nomacs- palemoon- blockfy- bittorrent- qbittorrent- gaupol- skypeforlinux (symbolic link of skype), New apps icons:- weoUSB- rawtherapee- griffith- riot- godot- diskmonitor- wxglade- discord-ptb (symbolic link of discord)- code-oss (symbolic link of code)New folder icons:- folder-workspace (provided by the user of opendesktop, Koniuszko)- folder-games (provided by the user of opendesktop, Koniuszko)- folder-applications (provided by the user of opendesktop, Koniuszko), New apps icons:- supertuxkart- emacs- deadbeef- unity-editor-icon- ue4editor- ubuntu-tweak- unetbootin- dbeaver- lollypopNew folder icons:- folder-mega- folder-steam- folder-vbox- folder-playonlinux- folder-desktop, New icons:- vectr- wokoscreen- vidcutter- viber- preferences-desktop-remote-desktop/vinagre- vocal- wechat- wesnoth- winefile- wire/wire-desktop- openarena- xcas - xampp- xfce4-weather- xmind- appgrid- 8tracks- xdiagnose- imagewriter- timeshiftIcons redisigned:- discord- gedit- gpick- audio-recorder, New icons:- packettracer- desktop-effects- opera-beta- deepin-Picker (flatpak) / gpick- ipython- crossover- discord- dosbox, New icons:deepin-terminal.deepin-movies (flatpak).deepin-repairdeepin-clonedriver-managerdeepin-cloud-scan-configuratordeepin-cloud-print-configurator, they corrected themselves and add symbolic links for the deepin iconsNew icons:deepin-feedback, New icons:- deepin-music- deepin-launcher- deepin-movie- deepin-screenshot- deepin-screen-recorder- deepin-system-monitor- deepin-image-viewer- chmsee- atomIcons redesigned- deepin-appstoreNotes:soon we will have full support for deepin, New icons:- syncterm- Gnome-Documents- Firefox Nightly- org.gnome.CheeseIcons redesigned- org.gnome.MapsSymbolic links added- Gnome-Camara- Gnome-Photos, added new icons- 8ball- athena- azurues- virtual estudio code (code)- deepin-appstore/deepin-software-center- gtg- mathematica- qalculator- tor- vmware-netconfig- vmware-workstation- athena, New icons: Franz Kicad vmplayer smartgit playonlinux mplayer plasmadiscover winffRedesigned icons: google-chrome grsync, new icons*tilix*gnome-newicons redesinged*terminal, *modification color spotify icon*modification to theme.index to resize the icons better add icons*baodad*dconf-editor*evolution*gedit*gnome-boxes*gnome-characters*gnome-log*mailnag*org.gnome-calendar*dejadup*gnome-weather*gnome-clock, Please login or register to add a comment, 265 comments, 10 thanks for adding a DeadBeef icon really needed that one.