Have you look at p.19 of the manual? I was thinking of either an AT VM95ML or an Ortofon 2m blue. I’d go for the Cyrus ONE: https://www.richersounds.com/cyrus-stereo-amplifier.html I did one group test for HiFi World magazine a few years ago now that included a host of specialist 2-channel amps and the Onkyo performed very well against them. This improved the sound quality immeasurably, giving the vocals a more, well, human quality with delicate textures from the vocal chords more in evident while the guitars offered greater grit and involvement. Bekijk en vergelijk Versterkers en receivers, zoals de Yamaha R-N602. Yamaha zet met deze R-N602 in op pure stereoweergave in combinatie met streamingfunctionaliteit en een ingebouwde DAC. Sure. You really need half decent speaker stands for these. Tough one because Yamaha USA appears to offer the black version only. If it’s very marginal I would probably err in favour of better usability. I’m very happy of the outcome and mainly due to your guidance. Just avoid the Phono sockets on the amp – don’t use those. I have been considering this Yamaha receiver to improve my vinyl setup. I don’t want to replace my current system so wondering if I could use the Yamaha N602 solely as a digital receiver and not as an amp. Met de extra voetplaat onder de eigenlijke kast krijgt de poort precies de juiste hoeveelheid ruimte om te ‘ademen’. Hi Paul! Hi Paul, Sterker nog, in de praktijk zal deze QR3 visueel waarschijnlijk minder aanwezig zijn. Also for better sound integration a Jamo sub woofer will do better than another brand say Yamaha ? Centraal geplaatst een display met daaromheen een bescheiden aantal druktoetsen en de grote volumeregelaar. Thanks Paul, The Rega Fono for under £100 is a good choice. b. I’ve only got iPod in-ears to hand, tried those and it’s the same – fuzzy, lacking any power – but to a worse extent than the Sennheisers. Thank you! Thanks for the nice read and all the effort in the feedback here. Any suggestion along this line is welcome. Het maakt niet uit met wat voor muziek je de speaker voert, het is een echte alleseter. What you think about this combinaton, is it any good for the money (? Is vinyl the priority? . Thanks, Hi Joao – I would take a close look at the Mitchell & Johnson CDD201V : http://mitchellandjohnson.com/cdd201v-cd-player/. For the Yamaha, the USB port is well worth pursuing, yes, if you have something compatible to plug in. This has been quite OK for TV, but poor for music. https://www.avstore.ro/filters/boxe/tip___boxe-de-podea__boxe-de-raft—p2/?sort=price_asc&price=299_2099, Or something from Indiana Line I haven’t heard the Klipsch, I must admit, and I don’t know any of my colleagues who have either but there’s no issues in techie terms about them working together. The Amplifier has either 4 ohm or 8 ohm outputs. I would bet that R-N602 bosts better sound naturally as it is a bigger receiver and one cannot fool the physics (apparently). This looks like an excellent option, which would be your second choice? Door de gebruikte techniek is de speaker ook nog eens gemakkelijk in de ruimte te plaatsen. I set up the YPAO room correction and YPAO volume (intelligent variable loudness) for low-to-moderate listening volume (to offset the Fletcher Munson curve), and there is nothing like it. I’m using it mainly for music playing (CD, Spotify, FM and internet radio). I want quality streaming going forward alongside vinyl. Het versterkergedeelte is stabiel en goed in staat de laagweergave onder controle te houden. The dilemma is Yamaha R-N602 or Cambridge Topaz SR20 with Dali Zensor 3. Luisterend naar Rosanna van Toto swingt het als een malle. Ofcourse another question is how to get it configured in the best possible way. A sub is fine for AV use, though. Recommended Amplifier Requirements – 30-100W. Hi Paul….. I use a Samsung S7 Android phone as a hotspot and can connect all manner of things to the Internet via this method, but I’m blowed if I can make the R-N602 connect to the Internet. INDIANA LINE TESI 262. x7 mk ii has dac ess ES9028 PRO. You might want to think out of the box a little, if you have that sort of cash. Een gemakkelijke procedure die de weg vanzelf wijst. Hoewel lang niet altijd slecht klinkend in 2-kanaals weergave was er voor veel gebruikers toch veel overbodige functionaliteit. So can we assume (wild guess) 602 would deliver the rated power tirelessly apart from component quality. 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