Is methane good or bad to the environment? Landfills, coal mines and wastewater treatment, natural gas and petroleum facilities are only a few of the sources that emit this gas. Methane can also be derived over millions of years by high pressure and high temperature processes that produce fossil fuels deep underground. It is produced naturally in the environment, by livestock, and as a result of human activity; Methane created by human activity can be ‘trapped’ and used to produce energy, such as electricity Methane is the second-most prevelent greenhouse gas, and plays an important part in global warming; Methane can come from many sources. Methane stays in our atmosphere for 12 years. Methane is bad for the environment, but Methane capture and use is good. methane is a greenhouse gas just like carbon dioxide but it is about 20 times more effective in trapping heat. Why are we concerned about it? If methane leaks into the air before being used — from a leaky pipe, for instance — it absorbs the sun's heat, warming the atmosphere. After about 12 years, 80 to 89 percent of methane is removed by oxidation with tropical hydroxyl radicals (OH), a process referred to as hydroxyl oxidation. Methane has a relatively short life of 12 years compared to the hundreds or even thousands of years that CO 2 hangs around. The new interpretations reveal methane emissions may account for a whopping third of the climate warming from well-mixed greenhouse gases between the 1750s and today. This greenhouse gas is produced by many natural and human-influenced sources. Methane is a gas that remains in the atmosphere for up to 15 years. Methane is a worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Methane is not bad for our environment as long as it is not derived from fossil fuels which add to our atmospheric load. Swamps, landfills, and even shallow bedrock are some settings where this occurs. The first is through biologic decomposition of organic matter at shallow depths. so if there is to much methane in the atmosphere then it will trap more heat leading to more global warming which is obviously bad. Methane is the primary component of natural gas — a common fuel source. Methane (a gas composed of carbon and hydrogen) is produced two ways. So why is methane from a cow harmful? For this reason, it's considered a greenhouse gas, like carbon dioxide. According to new calculations, methane's effect on warming the world's climate may be double what is currently thought.