Red oak has pinkish undertones that will come out if you try to whitewash them, or give them a very light stain. Red oak has pinkish undertones that will come out if you try to whitewash them, or give them a very light stain. Quite a few people told us if we were to put engineered hardwoods inside a custom built home, the floors would “cheapen” the home and the value. Hi! No! From engineered to custom site finish, all kinds of varieties of wood and then, of course, stains and finishes- it’s a lot! Shouldn’t that stain color favor the natural color of raw white oak? White oak’s reputation, though, begins in forests and fields throughout the eastern third of the United States where the tree is highly esteemed for its beauty and stately eminence. But white oak flooring takes certain stain colors better than red oak. When the first raw board of white oak flooring was put down, I saw the vision in my head come to life. That being said, he was never in favor of using engineered hardwoods in our “forever home”. White oak, along with its sibling red oak, are the most popular species for hardwood flooring in North America. Most were too dark, and on the other end of the spectrum, Duraseal Country White was far too washed out. Note that this does not have an impact on scratching…that is determined by the type of polyurethane or finish. All of these cuts are available in all widths, lengths and grades. Our builder recommended using Duraseal stains. From an environmental perspective, engineered hardwoods are greener. Contact You should join! When it came time for us to pick out a hardwood floor stain color, I was told the stain color “Neutral” might be something I liked. His reason wasn’t about whether engineered hardwoods would cheapen our home. Oak Grading per NWFA Guidelines. Shop: 4 Door Console | Wood Floating Shelf, Our Blue And White Kitchen After Adding Brass. Learn more about me here. We created a custom stain made up of half Country White and half Neutral. Other widths are available but may not be in stock. If you are looking for something to be extra resistant to moisture, engineered hardwoods wins this one. I thought the price of white oak hardwoods to be reasonable within our budget at first, even with all that square footage upstairs. Description. Credit Application I hope this post was helpful! (This is because while one family may not prefer them, another family – say with big dogs and kids – might prefer the engineered over the solid hardwoods.). I run a fun Facebook group where we ask/share design questions + talk home sales. White Oak flooring, #1 with 4″ width. It can be very difficult to distinguish them from a solid wood floor and they have the advantage of being stronger and more stable. You can find this on Amazon, Walmart, or use their store locator to find out where to buy Duraseal stain. It was simply because you can’t sand down and re-stain engineered hardwoods the same way you can with solid hardwoods. My blog is nationally recognized in both print and on the web. I was disappointed. I knew from the beginning we would be using white oak flooring. The perfect color to me is how they look before any stain or finish. We ended up mixing various combinations until we found a winning combo that resembled the wood in its natural state. Select – Contains all the variations in coloration produced by the contrasting differences of heartwood and sapwood.Also included are minimal character marks, such as small knots, wormholes, and mineral streaks, as well as slightly open characters. How can I make my red oak floors look like white oak? You can’t make red oak look like white oak, generally speaking. Now, we didn’t end up using engineered hardwoods, but I’m not sure I agree with them on that. Other thicknesses are available through special order. I’m Chrissy- blogger, wife, mom of 4,  home + interior design lover. Although not a bad color, it is significantly darker than the color of white oak without a stain. About Country White really did make our floors look white. Not on its’ own, that is. Most of the photos of modern farmhouses that I had pinned had these amazing whitewashed white oak hardwood flooring with wider planks. Blog I hope you find the information and photos helpful! None of these were right on their own for what we envisioned. White oak laminate floors (Read about our  paint colors in our kitchen here!). Hardware. You can’t make red oak look like white oak, generally speaking. We do put furniture pads under the chairs, etc, and I think that helps. Although both engineered hardwoods and solid hardwoods are durable, engineered hardwoods are. 1.5″, 2.25″, 3.25″, 4″, and 5″ are considered standard widths. Typically before posting photos online I edit them a bit- deepen the saturation to make objects pop, brighten it a bit, etc. But white oak flooring takes certain stain colors better than red oak. Our builder recommended it, but I did my research too! This easy combination of using half and half of two different stains ends up being VERY close to the look of the white oak already on its own. There isn’t a brand name for them, but they are from Artisan Flooring. White oak engineered floors are made up of strong plywood layers with a real wood top. Engineered hardwoods are sometimes more resistant to wear and tear (i.e.- big dogs with nails and lots of kids!). Originally we were envisioning 6″ planks. Duraseal is owned by the same company as Minwax. This blog is my business and how I support my family. Part of me found it appealing, even though it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.