This article will focus on some of the dos and don’ts of mixing fertilizer nutrients with insecticides and fungicides. And mixed into that compost is a quarter cup of worm castings to add even more slow-release power. The best approach is to conduct a jar test before mixing fertilizers. • Urea can be mixed with most other fertilizers but fertilizer mixtures containing urea should be applied immediately after mixing. Broadcast or rotary spreaders are easy to use and don’t cause striping like drop spreaders. When doing a jar test, the fertilizers should be mixed in the same concentration as intended to be used. A fourth application, if you feel the need, can be added mid-summer. Mixing of strongly basic materials with urea will result to loss of nitrogen as ammonia. If your lawn fertilizer schedule is twice per year, apply the second application about the middle of October. I define a tank mix as a combination of more than one crop protection product or fertilizer in the spray or drench tank at the same time. However, some blends should be immediately applied. Most fertilizers could be mixed together without any adverse effects, while some fertilizers react with one another. Do not store fertilizer mixtures containing urea. Moreover, it should not be mixed with some fertilizers because a reaction will occur that will render one of the nutrients useless. Some of the changes brought about by injudicious mixing (incompatibility) of fertilizers are indicated below: ADVERTISEMENTS: 1. Especially when it contains worm castings too! • Urea should not be mixed with ammonium calcium nitrate (CAN), KCl, SSP or TSP. The advantage to drop … Most plants do absorb foliar applied nutrients through their leaves and to a lesser extent through stems. There are several ways to apply lawn fertilizer. Hand fertilizing often results in burns where the fertilizer is concentrated and pale areas that don’t get as much fertilizer as they should. This acts like a “second helping” of much-needed food going into winter. The high phosphorus fertilizer should not be applied together with the foliar nutrient solution. • Ammonium phosphates and super phosphates should not be mixed with lime, This “ring” of power around plants holds in moisture and prevents weeds. The urea fertilizer can be applied alone or mixed with some other selected fertilizer materials. It is impossible to list all the incompatible fertilizers. Using a spreader provides more even coverage than fertilizing by hand. It also helps soak in the liquid fertilizer when applied, and keeps it from running off. Compost is one of the best slow-release fertilizers of all. A third application can be added in mid to late spring and can be combined with your crabgrass preventer.