The liquid is then dried, pressed and crushed. Additional Information. Australia (34) Austria (2) Bolivia (1) Canada (2) China (5) Finland (1) Germany (8) Hong Kong (1) India (81) Italy (5) Japan (33) Malaysia (19) Netherlands (6) New Zealand (1) Philippines (7) Poland (2) Singapore (42) South Korea (1) Spain (2) Sri Lanka (3) Taiwan (12) Thailand (11) Turkey (6) USA (13) United Arab Emirates (1) United Kingdom (26) … Bake King Hongkong Flour 1KG . $3.70 + Bake King Top Flour 1KG . In a bowl, add the shiratamako and pour in … Shiratamako 180g $ 6.90. sku: DE90003. Availability: Out of stock. $1.60 + Capsauh Wheat Flour 1KG . The flour is the essential component that gives mochi its chewy texture. Reviews. $1.65 + This item requires a lead time of 12 hours for delivery. Shiratamako 180g. Some people like to whiz it in a blender before using to make it a fine powder. If a recipe calls for Shiratamako, mochiko is not … Mochiko flour is flour made from mochi rice, sticky and glutinous rice that is popular in many Asian countries. RELATED … $2.65 + H/Family … The result is a fine but clumpy flour of coarse granules. Since mochiko flour is starchy, but really doesn’t contain gluten, it can be a good flour substitute for people who have gluten … The flour is lumpy, even though the size of the powder grains is actually very fine. $2.15 + Erawan Finest Rice Flour 600G . Country of origin. Made from 100% Japan-grown glutinous mochi rice, this shiratamako is an ideal and essential ingredient for making Japanese confectionery such as dango (mochi ball) and daifuku mochi. Prepare a bowl of ice water. Ingredients. Baking Flour & Mix 326 products. Maker: KOUDA. It is made by first grinding the rice in water to create a milky liquid. $0.85 + Bake King Goreng Pisang FLO.200G . It is more expensive than mochiko. This classic gluten-free Japanese sweet can be eaten with anko (red bean paste), or jazzed up with some ice cream! Add to Wishlist. Mochiko vs Shiratamako Shiratamako is another rice flour made from mochigome rice. $3.35 + Bake King Plain Flour 1KG . Joshinko: Rice flour made from normal rice. Weight: 180 g: Dimensions: 21 x 11.5 x 3 cm: Attribute: Dry. Home » Shop. $3.30 + Bake King Bread Flour 1KG . Print Pin Rate. Shiratamako flour is a version of sweet rice flour, milled by wet-meal-method. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Shiratama dango (白玉団子) is a type of mochi made with shiratamako (glutinous rice flour). Description; Additional Information; Reviews (0) Rice flour for dumpling. This rice flour does not … You can find shiratamako rice flour online at Japan Centre here: Blue Key Self Raising Flour 1KG . Typically, the mochi rice used to make this flour has a high starch content with no complex carbohydrates because the rice has been milled into white rice first. FILTER BY. Shiratamako tends to be more expensive and more difficult to find than mochiko. Filter. To make it, grains of sticky rice are first soaked in water, then the soft rice is mashed, then freeze dried. Shiratamako: Rice flour made from sweet, sticky glutinous rice, with added corn or potato starch. When cooked, it … Quick Overview. This brand of shiratamako, produced by Maehara, is one of the most traditional and popular rice flour brands in Japan. 1 cup / 120g shiratamako; ½ cup / 113g water; Instructions. $1.85 + H/Family Pure Corn Flour 400G . It is also possible to make mochi the traditional way which is by cooking sweet mochi rice and then pounding it into smooth and sticky mochi. 100 East Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 2 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1J6