For your preparation for the forthcoming WASSCE/GCE, check and get the e-copy of the book. Where does groundwater come from? Groundwater mainly comes from three sources. rainfall. Common mistake: It should be noted that groundwater does not come directly from sea water. Our Year 9 (JS 3) students are presented for Checkpoint, an assessment independently set and marked by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They are also presented for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organised by NECO. Groundwater comes from precipitation not from the sea. Required fields are marked *. Because our groundwater is such a valuable resource, it’s important to conserve it as well as protect it from pollution. The majority of our supply comes from groundwater (70%), predominantly from the chalk aquifer which is widespread across our region. Image source by Currently you have JavaScript disabled. GROUNDWATER . Ground water comes from precipitations e.g. A new Physics textbook titled “Calculations in Physics for College Students” for Science students is out. WHICH MOUNTAIN IS THE TALLEST MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD? Our Year 12 (SS 3) students are presented for IGCSE examination, also an assessment independently set and marked by Cambridge Assessment International Education. We talk a lot about groundwater, but it’s been a while since we’ve explained what, exactly, it is. It is majorly for Year 10 to Year 12 students, senior secondary students. Year in year out, our students produce excellent results in all the examinations courtesy of our highly experienced and dedicated teachers, well conducive learning environment and our comprehensive modern teaching and learning facilities of international standard. Where does the groundwater being pumped from the Simsboro Aquifer come from? If yes, you can contact us through the following: (+234)08177093682, (+234)08033487161 or [email protected], (Photo Credits:, (Photo Credit:, Do you need online tutorial on any topic/question in Maths or Physics? If it becomes contaminated - we can't use it. HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL TEACHER – A BOOK BY OLAITAN S. O. The one here is only on Set Theory. Where does groundwater come from? Groundwater is recharged during the rainy season and it level rises. This is the scientific explanation for groundwater. Contact (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or [email protected] for complete pack on ", Contact (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or [email protected] for complete pack on ", Contact (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or [email protected] for complete. It makes learning interesting. rainfall. Groundwater is an integral part of the water system, which means that the story starts with precipitations. Groundwater Supply. Leaks? Over time, water from rain and rivers migrates through the ground and is stored in porous soils and rocks. This month's groundwater topic is a basic education building block that explains origins of groundwater. It makes learning interesting. After precipitation (rain, snow, hail, sleet), the water seeps into the ground. This is an established fact based on empirical evidence. Some of the solved and practice questions for students are here: Calculations in Physics for College Students. Get it here. Because, for one thing, so many of us use it for drinking, bathing, irrigation and more. If it is over exploited we lose the opportunity to achieve sustainability by balancing use and natural replenishment. For enquiry, contact: (+234)08033487161, (+234)08177093682 or [email protected] Next time you take a drink, water the lawn or take a shower, consider the journey the water took before it got to your house! September 9, 2015. 21ST CENTURY LESSON DELIVERY FOR EDUCATORS – A NEW BOOK BY OLAITAN S. O. We run both the Nigerian and British curricula. Why is groundwater so important? The solved calculation problems and model past questions are mostly WAEC/WASSCE, UTME and NECO past questions with some IGCSE past questions. The depth at which soil pore spaces or fractures and voids in rock become completely saturated with water is called the water table. It also contains calculations from IGCSE. The area where permeable soil allows water to seep into the ground is known as the recharge area. Soil and rock that lets water pass through easily is called the aquifer. Reverse is the case during dry season. LCA uses a number of wells that tap into groundwater supplies. Where does groundwater come from? This is known as recharge. Clay or shale aren’t good aquifer materials because they slow or stop the passage of water. rainfall. It's free. For more about our school, check Dowen College Lagos. Here in the Strathbogies groundwater sits on top of the undulating, fractured granitic rocks that comprise most of the ranges. We produce Science news. Then the groundwater moves slowly in the direction of the For enquiries, contact any of the following: (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or [email protected], Check the book “Successful Teacher.” here.