They prepared recipes that called for unsalted butter and substituting salted butter. Clarified butter is butter that has had the water and milk solids removed. If you need to substitute salted butter for unsalted, simply reduce the recipe's remaining salt by the corresponding amount. Controlling the flavor is key, especially in recipes where you want the sweet cream flavor of the butter to shine through (like in cupcakes or sugar cookies ). More Info: Though the clarification process will remove some of the salt it will not remove it all so additional salt will be added to the recipe. They If you do not have enough butter, the cookies will not spread out on the pan during baking, and it will affect their consitency. ANSWER: You CAN clarify salted butter. When you use unsalted butter in a recipe, you can control the exact amount of salt in your baked good. On the average, one stick of butter -- a quarter-pound, or half-cup -- contains 1/4 to 3/8 teaspoon of salt. What Is Clarified Butter? You know baking is all about science, but it’s all about control as well. When you use salted butter, you have no idea how “You don’t know how much salt is in salted butter—you just don’t have the control,” she says. I don’t remember if it was Food & Wine or one of the others. Rule of thumb: If a recipe calls for “butter” (neither unsalted nor salted) and “salt,” it’s safe to assume the recipe’s been precisely calibrated with unsalted butter in mind. If i don't need a long answer (which is all I've been finding on the internet) all i want to know is if i use 2 sticks of salted instead of unsalted, will my cookies taste alright ? While this may seem alarming, keep in mind that it may only vary about 300 milligrams. If you do use salted butter just be aware of the salt the recipe calls for and adjust accordingly. When you control the salt, you control the flavor of the finished product. One of the cooking magazines did a taste test a little while back. Go to the store. What happens if i use salted butter instead of unsalted butter when making chocolate chip cookies ? When you want to have complete control over the flavor in your recipe, you want to use unsalted butter. thanks. While I like having the control of using unsalted butter then adding in the salt on its own, you can swap unsalted for salted. When you buy salted butter, there's no standard for how much salt is added per stick.