Colin Hay, the former frontman of Men at Work, has had music featured in at least seven episodes, and has appeared in the episode "My Overkill", performing the song "Overkill" as a street musician, and in the episode "My Hard Labor" performing "Down Under". Clay Aiken appeared in the episode "My Life in Four Cameras" and performed the song "Isn't She Lovely?" Dorian, played by Zach Braff. He also struggles with the death of his best friend. Bob Kelso's job is put on the line as he turns 65 years old. Kelso and Dr. Cox become friends, and J.D. However, the reviewer stated, "The show's portrayal of nursing has been less impressive". A wide variety of rock, pop, and indie artists are featured, and almost every episode ends with a musical montage summing up the themes and plot lines of the episode, and the music for these montages is often picked even before the episodes are completely written. "[64], Featured songs present in the original broadcasts appear unaltered in the DVD release of the show. Find quality discounted scrubs and medical uniforms for hard working medical professionals. JD mentions spending a certain amount of money on a cab after he talks to Kim outside her hospital in Season 6 episode 8. The interns learn from various characters of the show about life in the hospital. Zach Braff returned part-time and was absent for the majority of the season, while retaining lead billing for six episodes. and Turk's apartment, a bar which they frequent and Dr. Cox's apartment–which was built in an old operating room. The ninth season premiered on December 1, 2009, and on May 14, 2010, ABC officially canceled the series. The Scrubs main title is performed at a faster tempo than the original recording of the song. The sixth season has J.D. 2, was released exclusively on iTunes on May 9, 2006. ", "A Chat with Bill Lawrence: The "Scrubs" Exit Interview", "John C. McGinley: Every Week on Scrubs Was an Adventure – Speakeasy", "Franco to play med student on revamped "Scrubs, "ABC Cancels Scrubs, FlashForward, Romantically Challenged and Better Off Ted", "Season finale review: 'Cougar Town' – 'Something Good Coming': The Hawaii way", "Cultivating a Cult Audience: An Interview with Scrubs Creator Bill Lawrence", "RT @BradMcHargue The Netflix version of Scrubs uses different songs in a # of the episodes. 's undeniable crush on Elliot emerges again, but J.D. The original introduction from season one was used through most of season three and then used for seasons four through eight. An attempt was made to fix the error in the extended title sequence used at the beginning of season two that included Neil Flynn, but the extended sequence (including corrected X-ray) was soon scrapped due to fan and network request. On May 13, 2008, ABC announced that Scrubs would be a midseason replacement, airing Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm EST. Ken Whittingham and Chris Koch both directed 12 episodes from seasons two to nine. When the strike started, only 11 of Scrubs' 18 planned seventh-season episodes had been finished. Add Photo. In some instances when either filming went on late, or the cast and crew went out after work, some, such as John C. McGinley would go and sleep in their dressing room at the hospital instead of going home. [18] Mike Schwartz, who also played Lloyd the Delivery Guy, wrote 13 episodes during the first eight seasons; he started out as a story editor and became co-executive producer in season six. On May 14, 2010, it was officially announced that the show was canceled. The pilot episode was actually shot in a hospital in Sacramento. J.D., meanwhile, attempts a relationship with Elliot, and later falls for Jamie (Amy Smart), the wife of one of his coma patients. The double-length season eight finale, "My Finale", aired on May 6, 2009, and was expected to be the series finale, as well. Between the end of season eight and the beginning of season nine, the Janitor has left the hospital after being told that J.D. Written by minecraftman707 Plot Summary | Add Synopsis According to Bill Lawrence, "What we decided was, rather than have it be a monotone narration, if it's going to be Zach's voice, we're going to do everything through J.D. Finally, in "My Urologist", Dr. Kim Briggs steps into the credits and switches the X-ray around, saying, "That's backwards; it's been bugging me for years". "The first eight seasons of Scrubs were filmed on location at the North Hollywood Medical Center, a decommissioned hospital located at12629 Riverside Drive in North Hollywood, but the location of Sacred Heart Hospital within the fictional world of Scrubs is left ambiguous."