Send them to us at [email protected] attach JPG or GIF photos to your email. Useful welding projects Welded pipe lamp. Welding Projects We use cookies to help our website work more effectively and efficiently, and to align our services and advertisements to your needs. Yard art is usually a pretty profitable way of making money from welding, so this is a great … These diverse connections allow you to create structural connections without the need for welding. Work Platform. Please be sure you take all safety precautions when using a power tool or Read More, Angle Grinder Add: Pipe / Curve & Belt Sander - No Tool Mount -: HiThis instructable connects to my previous one: also, this will be continued later with couple simple adds that turns it to bench mounted beltsander.At this point…. I read Jan. 2011- good book for reference to pipe welding techniques... hence the name, 16036 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet. This is every new welder owner’s favorite project. The Coronavirus pandemic has not affected our ability to work hard and produce beautiful pieces for you. Improve your interior by designing your pipe lamps. 01. mig welding a jeep bumper kit project. FREE SHIPPING TO ALL 48 STATES! Finished with a stain of your choice and black iron pipes. Custom lamp shades is another project idea you could try. Yard art. I’m really excited to share this project with you, but I want to warn you, this particular DIY project is not for the faint of heart. Podcast - Pipe Welding Connect With Us ... Get step-by-step guidance on DIY welding projects — including videos and downloadable plans. You can then weld your pipe to the metal piece and weld it in the nut. Make A Bar Craft For Summer Parties. I know a lot of you wanted a tutorial on this table (you can see the reveal post here). Welders Third hand tool. welding cart project part 3. welding cart project part4. Understanding arc welding rods classification and which ones to get. Car Grille. welding cart part 5. To make a stand you need a threaded rod, one nut, metal pieces, one pipe, and one channel of six inches. Read all details below. View an image gallery of projects submitted to Lincoln Electric by iWeld™ newsletter readers. I am trying to do more of them to mix things up and make my videos more interesting. There are over 100 different types of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Make A Totally Unexpected Chandelier For Your Bedroom Air Scoop. Use Them In Place Of Curtain Rods. Creating a storage rack is a great idea for any welder who likes to use an MIG welder. Build A Unique Coffee Table. 05. Automatic Location Turning Table, Positioning Device, Automatically turn over, position and weld the big round workpiece. The support stand looks like the goal post in football. Metal frame for paintings. Source. Here you will find welding projects that show the range of things that can be built using Lincoln Electric equipment and weliding wire. Storage Rack. Kee Klamp pipe fittings are made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel and are typically used to create pipe hand railing and other pipe-based structures. Source. Weld the channel of six inches to your pipe. I learned this wonderful way of making saddle cuts years ago, but only recently learned v…. It can hold rods of long lengths you are using in your cool welding project. 03. Use old pipes, weld them together and add some... Lamp shades. … TIG welding process overview covering equipment needed, how a TIG welder works, machine set up and guides on how to welding different types of metals. Base SHOWN in photos measures roughly 26.5" diameter x 28" Tall, and would fit a…, Making Perfect Pipe Saddle Cuts With a Bandsaw or Chopsaw: True "experts" of a trade know those little "simple tricks" that make a job much easier. Use Pipes For The Bathroom Vanity Base For An Industrial Look Source 02. Rock solid frame for your paintings. Got Projects? Welding Projects are fun. Find welding projects that show the range of things that can be built using Lincoln Electric equipment and consumables. A small interesting world around welders, welding and the like for everyone to dive into. This project is a bit of a process and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and aren’t careful. 04. Software Version: WebSetup2.0.08059_11_3_2020_1_09_AM. You will add your own glass, concrete or quartz top! NOTE: We are a home based, husband and wife business. It’s so handy having a cart to glide your welder around, rather than… Garage/Shop Welding Project Plans. We use cookies to help our website work more effectively and efficiently, and to align our services and advertisements to your needs.You can read our Cookie Policy here, which describes browsing and search options available to you.By clicking "Accept" you agree to us using cookies in the manner described in our Cookie Policy. This simple design is a beautiful and unique solid wood beam and iron pipe table base. This is one of those tricks that makes working with pipe MUCH easier. Bomber Seat. Source. Today, we present to you 25 Cool DIY Metal Pipe Projects For Your Home.