A coincidence is defined as a series of events and circumstances which seemingly have no apparent connection to each other, but wind up being related by pure chance. But weirdly, it happens all the time. Of course, coincidences happen all the time: we were just thinking of someone when they call us on the phone, or we have this song in mind when it suddenly plays on the radio. “Meaningful coincidences and surprising connections occur all the time in our daily lives, yet we often fail to appreciate how they can guide us, warn us, and confirm us on our life’s path. The surprising chances of our lives can seem like they’re hinting at hidden truths, but they’re really revealing the human mind at work. Similarities Between the Assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln (1860s and 1960s) by Ron Kurtus (revised 10 April 2019) American presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were both tragically assassinated during their terms in office. The imperfection of speech, which undoubtedly allowed the sharing of ideas and stimulated invention, eventually resulted in the creation of new forms of communication, improving both the range at which people could express themselves and the longevity … Coincidences and the Meaning of Life. History added a postscript to this remarkable coincidence in 1831, when James Monroe became the third of the first five U.S. presidents to die on Independence Day. Most, if not all of us, have experienced some sort of coincidence in our lives. Gordian Knot Hunab Ku Uraeus Flower of Life Borromean Rings Globus Cruciger Vesica Pisces The Caduceus Holy Grail Merkaba The Infinity Medicine Wheel The Labyr This book explores how meaningful coincidence operates in our daily lives, in our intimate relationships, and … Somehow our pop culture manages to be eerily prescient about the real world. “It's just one of these extraordinary historical, strange coincidences and pieces of luck because of this highly problematic and racially dubious display in this fair. The URI to TrackBack this entry is: https://whattheydontwantyoutoknow.wordpress.com/2009/11/22/weird-coincidences-and-symbols-in-history/trackback/. 10 Crime Stories With Strange Coincidences. Mind-blowing coincidences are par for the course in movies and shows. Both men were admired by many but actually hated by those who opposed their political views. Maybe you said something at the same time as somebody else, or perhaps you bumped into an old friend in the most unlikely of places. But when the movie itself somehow manages to inadvertently mimic something going on in the real world, it's just plain creepy. The neo-Nazi symbol posted by Pete Evans has a strange and dark history Jason Wilson The sonnenrad is associated with a grab bag of esoteric racist nonsense, but that doesn’t make it … Robin Warder. From pigments to printing presses, symbols have been part of human communication from the very first day of mankind’s existence. Most of the time they don’t mean much, but every once in awhile there is a coincidence that’s outright spooky, or one that has a major impact on world events. But there are those funny little would you believe it types of coincidences, and then there are those holy crap that is literally unbelievable types of coincidences.