Wazukacha Cafe Wi-Fi: - Wazuka, at the very southeastern tip of Kyoto Prefecture, is an hour and half away from Kyoto by rail or by car. The next tea field is called kabuse-cha (*1) because the tea field is covered by a black sheet for production purposes. Tea from Wazuka makes a great gift. On days with good weather, you can spend your time outside, staring at at the tea fields too. Homepage: Welcome to Tea-topia Wazuka (PDF). Hours: 9 AM to 4 PM (April–November), 9 AM to 3 PM (December–March) We would like to recommend hōjicha chocolate - chocolates that have had hōjicha (roasted tea) mixed in (12 pieces for 400 yen with tax). Inside the store there are sweets in which tea is one of the main ingredients, as well as products dyed in tea. This time we had Wazuka's specialty sencha (green tea). Now, in the 21st century, Wazuka produces about 2% of Japan’s tea, and has a reputation for especially high-quality tea with a savory umami flavor. Let's gain a deeper appreciation for one of the most famous Japanese drinks and Kyoto's pride - matcha (powdered green tea) by visiting the town of Wazuka, the number one producer of tencha, the raw material of matcha. She will teach us the steps, starting with how to make matcha tea. Enjoy Matcha Art In Wazuka, The Town Of Tea, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory Information, Uji Complete Guide - Travel To The Phoenix Hall In Kyoto's Town Of Tea, World Masters Games 2021 Kansai: 7 Kyoto Destinations Near Venues, Kawagoe - A Sweets Heaven! Guided tour through tea bush fields to the sounds of wind and the gurgling waters of the Wazuka River. We’ll then head to the Sencha factory on foot, which is only five minutes away. Now, let's look at an interesting art service that you can enjoy in Wazuka. Tea is served not only in kyūsu, but there are also easy-to-make tea bag types and powdered tea types too. Bookmark. Read also: The Wonderful World of Japanese Tea. This tea room has a bookcase, making it possible to enjoy tea or matcha art while reading. (C)SEKAIBUNKA PUBLISHING INC. All rights reserved. It was very smooth tasting with little bitterness, making it very easy to drink. Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-17:00, Sunday 9:00-17:00 The pale green bowl of matcha serves as your canvas while the darker matcha is your paint. Pair Fish Cakes With Sauces From Around The World, MATCHA Is Launching a New Service to Make Planning Your Trip to Japan Easy, Family-Friendly Parks In Tokyo! Limited-Edition Design For Häagen-Dazs Green Tea. A Day Full Of Kawagoe Matcha Flavored Treats, Experience Authentic Japanese Green Tea At Jugetsudō, Ginza, Tea Ceremony: History, Basics, And Where To Enjoy It In Japan, What To Buy For White Day: Our Top 20 Best Matcha Sweets, Up To 50% Off! This time we had the characters for "Wazuka" drawn. This is matcha art, where you draw pictures in matcha tea. It is a small town with around 5,000 people residing there. As we were walking slowly around the tea field, we noticed that new leaves were sprouting. You also enjoy the warm welcome by the locals –and a peaceful cup of green tea. wazukanko.com, Wazukacha Café Tel. Hours: 10 AM to 4 PM (to 5 PM from July to September) Rich Wazuka Green Tea (70 g, ¥1,296), Wazuka Tea Gyokuro (50 g, ¥1,080) Wazuka Tea Kabusecha (70 g, ¥1,080), Wazuka Tea Sencha (100 g, ¥540). Now, let's find out some more about the different things you can enjoy in Wazuka. We were visiting at the beginning of April. I was very reluctant, but it was delicious. Phone number: +81-3-0774-78-4180 In the peaceful tea-town Wazuka you can experience other activities, such as tea picking, staying in a farmhouse、cycling and more. Closed: New Years The trick to drawing well is to put the matcha straight onto the surface. You can only see the new leaves sprouting like this in April. Please check it out! In the future this bookcase will have manga and English-translated books so that visiting foreigners can enjoy the tearoom too. The first spot to visit is the scenic Yubune tea field. Open Sundays Wi-Fi: - Wazuka is a town located in Soraku District, Kyoto province, Japan. Taking a walking path opened along the Wazuka River, visitors can head into bamboo groves to eventually come upon a figure of the bodhisattva Maitreya carved into the rock face. Hojicha Stout features the robust scent of roasted tea, while Kabusecha White Ale incorporates the characteristic sweetness of shaded tea (330 ml, ¥700 each).