Because child support and visitation are two separate issues, a parent who does not pay the required child support cannot be denied visitation with the child. If the father of your children is not paying child support, pursue it through legal channels. When faced with the question of whether or not to allow you to see your child… On the flip side, if the father does not pay child support, the mother is under the impression that she can withhold visitation rights … The father will then have visitation rights and, in most instances, be required to pay child support. Until the court determines paternity, the child’s father doesn’t have any rights or responsibilities to the child, meaning no duty to pay child support or the right to enjoy custody or visitation with the child. There are no laws enforcing visitation. This means that the mother may allow the father to see his children only when the child support has been paid. Many couples erroneously believe that visitation rights and child support are connected. Your not paying child support should not affect your ability to see your child. 3. You must pay your court-ordered child support regardless of whether you have access to the child for visitation. Getting the Florida father’s rights help and advice necessary to get visitation and parenting time with dad is as … That is, there are many laws related to developing visitation plans that need to be followed, but they do not require that a father … Although visitation may be modified with the consent of both parents or by the court, it is unlikely that the court will completely sever visits between the delinquent parent and the child. … Child support and visitation are separate issues.