Save Recipe. Orange Poppy Seed Muffins [Vegan] Advertisement. I used Shoti Maa’s “Power & Heat Tea” for the muffins, which gave the muffins a very special winter touch. To make them, you’ll start by preparing a flax egg. These Vegan Orange Crunch Muffins would be great to bring to a brunch or party to impress everyone with just how delicious vegan treats can be! Calories. So let me … Our vegan blueberry muffins and vegan apple muffins are always a treat and let’s not forget our vegan pumpkin muffins or our vegan zucchini muffins, they are not to be missed. I have already posted some vegan muffin recipes on the blog and the orange coconut vegan muffins are doing well in my little collection! Yields 8. Our vegan banana muffins have chopped walnuts in them and a gorgeous bakery-style domed top! Cook … Our vegan chocolate muffins are so mega-chocolatey you will fall instantly in love. Advertisement. More Vegan Muffins! Not exactly an 8-15 tea, so to speak! Serve with Tempeh Bacon, Tofu Scramble and Vegan Breakfast Sausage. Moist dairy-free semolina based muffins bursting with fresh orange juice and grated orange zest with whispers of dusky cardamum and floral vanilla. Ingredients. 2014-09-26 13:55:32. Prep Time. Kid-Friendly. Prep Time. Orange Cranberry Muffins [Vegan] Advertisement. Total Time. For the Muffins. Serves. Print. 5 min . Vegan. These vegan cranberry almond orange muffins come together with just 15 minutes of active kitchen time + a speedy 20-minute bake time. Yesterday the sun returned for the first time in two months to the chill northern Norwegian town of Tromsø where my sister landed years ago. Cook Time. Advertisement. It peeked between the peaks of the nearby mountain, lingered a moment … The tea consists of a blend of sage, ginger and elderberry herbs. Dairy Free. Simply whisk together a bit of ground flaxseed and a splash of filtered water in a medium mixing bowl. 3734. Vegan Orange Sunshine Muffins. Write a review. Perfect, right? Vegan. Vegan Orange Crunch Muffins. Ingredients. 20 min . 5 min . 35 min . 12 muffins.