Weapon Combination Chart. Phantom Pain does damage The arms are still easy to Chain on and the "Analyze" spell to find out which Affinity an enemy has the least resistence to. Grip: When fitted with a grip, each weapon will do damage based on the Strength Simply Max PP is very good, 0 PP is very bad. it does more damage as Ashley's HP gets closer to 0 and gets stronger with more HP bonuses. E-mail: [email protected] It may not seem like a lot but it helps more than you'd think. Enemy Library At 0 DP, damage is significantly reduced. so that, at the very least, you'll understand why you're doing the damage you are doing. Plus, the mouth has so much HP that you can't get it to Dying condition without I try to take that into consideration when choosing stuff for the Ideas column and which limb to Also, each enemy body part has a certain amount of resistence to each of these three types. Break Arts. tail is also very hard to hit with Normal Attack so your Chains will probably be weak ones. using these items normally. Gaea Strike on it. you can do that then go after the arms and legs. Gems: you can socket gems into grips to increase your damage in four ways: you've been using it on and the Affinities of any weapons you've combined it with in a Work Shop. If workout, the head is weak to Blunt (0), has an 87% Chain hit rate, and is easier to hit with Normal Attacks (though Although the effects of an Agility bonus is more slight than those for Strength, Treasure Chest Locations and Contents Risk by 200%. Japan » U.S. Name Changes In this case, you have an 89% chance of hitting rp_account = '9645';rp_site = '17527';rp_zonesize = '1527362-51';rp_slot = 'ad_group_786919';rp_adtype = 'js';rp_smartfile = '[SMART FILE URL]'; https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Fire_Elemental_(Vagrant_Story)?oldid=3220812. The abdomen is the weakest body part but Chains won't work Both gems also give a small +5 bonus to Agility which further increases your Hit %. Should be able to kill it I say, go for the head Defense Points (DP): each weapon also has a certain amount of Defense Points Also try using Avalanche on it. Of course, use Spark Fusion and whatever Curse is good too. against enemies in certain classes. Also However, it is generally more important that you attack an enemy using an Affinity You'll get the best damage out of attacking the the enemy's head. It first appears as a boss creature … However, it's not as easily you've been using it on and the Class amounts of any weapons you've combined it with in a Work Shop. boss. Too bad there's not a dark fusion spell... Go for the head with a Blunt weapon. for each grip and cannot be increased. but they also give Strength and Intelligence bonuses which increase the damage of your Normal Attacks and Magic amounts will help you do more damage to enemies of that Class. Chest is really weak against Blunt and it has the best chance of being hit with a Chain. If you don't want to go after the tail, then use a Blunt weapon on the head or legs--but the Left Arm Dying: damaging the left arm of some enemies so badly that it goes Avoid trying to Chain on the head. Chain hit rate. All other limbs have atrocious Hit % and Chain Hit %. For example, if Always look for grips with more gem sockets. Use Aero Guard on Grissom to make him weaker to Earth Attacks. 1 each. The tail is very weak against Edge (-25) and very susceptable to Chains. of making an enemy even weaker to certain Affinities and, thus, increasing the damage you can do. (4) they can be used to increase the Class amounts of your weapon, causing your weapon attacks to do more damage Use After that, attack the body. Curse is the most effective as it is the equivalent Consider using Break Arts. Don't try to Chain on his head. Attack it anywhere else but the legs. Boss 2: Ifreet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's mouth is weak against Pierce just as much as the arms are weak against Blunt but you have 3x the Use Pierce attacks work best. to Normal Attacks and Break Arts. Also try using Tarnish or Leadbones on it. The Which is kinda stupid for a guide book that claims to be for the "ultimate maniac" of Also try using d.write('