Lit the bonfire and head left where you will find Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse next to another tower. This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. - Added little native bleed to Saw Cleaver. - All items are avaible at Karla when you give to her Londor Braille Divine Tome. Head to the gate and use the lever on the left to open it. - If it's too hard for you, just rename/delete map folder. Outrider Knights are considered minibosses that guard secret areas and do not respawn on defeat. Not far from here, more to the left, in front of the abyss, there is a Homeward Bone. - Magic based resins nerfed damage by 10%. - Midir boss fight now use Pus of Man, Carthus Sandworm unused OST. Special Thanks to:Lenox for BB UI.Forsakensilver for Hunter's mod things.Cyclolock for Darker mod inspiration and core of ours.TKGP for Yapped.Katalash for modengine. Collect Charcoal Resin Bundle and exit the building. Deacon of Deep boss fight now has passive buff in 2nd phase which trigger at 50-40-30% of HP %. Undead Settlement bonfire. Former warriors of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, these knights were bestowed rings by Pontiff Sulyvahnthat drove them into a violent frenzy through inducing visions of endless combat. Watch out for series of powerful melee attacks and the moment when she starts reading a tome to prepare a deadly strike (don't let her catch you). - Added newer version, screens and changes you can see there: - Champion Gundyr, increased bleed defence + buff bleed inflict. Untended Graves have NPC abyssal enemies like in DS2 Chasm. - Some Miracles have mixed blue/yellow effect. - Yhorm now have two companions, but you can trick them. Next Walkthrough Undead Settlement - straight road from the great square Prev Walkthrough Cleansing Chapel - tower You will face your first enemies as soon as you pass the gate. - Floating Chaos increased duration to 10 second. - Estus Flask aka Blood Vial renamed to Vial. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Bandai Namco Entertainment or From Software. - Added enemies to almost all maps, you can meet some enemies earlier now. Also HUD is updated by diff colors, boss bar, status effects.. - You can download Sekiro like hud as optional file. You will face your first enemies as soon as you pass the gate. - Chloranthy Ring changed recovery stamina: 7/8/9/10 to 7/10/12/15. You can buy it from Shrine Handmaiden, after giver her Dragon Chaser's Ashes. - Fixed Rosaria's Fingers covenant bonuses. The Undead Settlement As you arrive in the next area, light the bonfire and take stock of your surroundings - having some binoculars won’t hurt. ), need more testing. Hostile NPC's are affected too, fear the Havel. - Fire Pine bundle now use different fiire VFX. - Replaced Abyssal Abyss Watcher with (Old Demon King), because of glitch, he also drop x2 Amenthys Crystal. - Road of Sacriface and Farron Keep is more dark + added fog. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. - Added Tomb Protector set, drop from Crystal Sage in Grand Archives. The whole square is swarming with enemies so don't throw yourself blindly between them. Some areas has only little changes, maybe in future, of course you can make an suggestion's (Tutorial area, Consumed King's garden have no changes for now). - Old Demon King has now recovery HP each 5 sec, below 40% of his maxHP. There are two more dogs behind the wagon, and an Alluring Skull next to the body. Friede has now -50% backstab damage in 3rd phase. - Deep Surge: Drop from mimic in Dungeon. - Withered blue/red root increased duration to 45s from 30s. - Enhaced blood when you hit enemies, now it take longer to have blood on body. - Added Beast Constable set, can be found in Lothric Castle. In the hut, on the right, there is a bonfire. Bosses using Hard mod from Cyanic and have increased strength, defences, poise, inflict aux effect or have companions. General balance, weapon balance, more harder difficulty. New HUD UI (customized dashima), bloodborne boss music. Go lower and deal with two dogs at the gate. - Mound Makers now provide benefits for pyromancers. Remember: if you have Black Firebombs you can quickly get rid of at least two groups that are situated next to explosive barrels. Spells inflict Curse to player, but you dont need mana for casting, with Cursed talisman you have 20 sec freecast. - Updated almost all maps, added Dark lighting Midir Arena, Dark night High Wall with moon and much more, for more information look at Hollow lighning mod changelog. - Friede and Vordt decrease more stamina regen, after proc frostbite to player. - Added Frenzy debuff effect to some enemies and bosses: you receive -30 % damage reduction + frenzy buildup for 20 sec , when frenzy proc, you receive 60% damage to your HP. You can buy it from Shrine Handmaiden, after giver her Dragon Xanthous Ashes. - Aux weapons has +5/10% scaling + increased aux effect. - High Wall, added new lightning + skybox. - Moonlight Wave: Sold by Orbeck of Vinheim after giving him Crystal Scroll. - Maximum NG is +2 ( others dont have increased scaling ). - Ceremony High Wall of Lothric now use Autumn version + pseudo purple skybox. Saw Cleaver transformed now do highter poise damage. Watchdog of Farron: Decreased weapon stamina usage by 10%. - Human, Rotten, Carthus resin added new images. This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. - Added new Deep Accursed in Untended Graves, he has curse fog/aura around him. - Vial now using Roman numerals ( looks better ). Aegis24: 8: 10/11 5:33AM: Worst Regular Enemys: babysbadnews: 31: 10/10 8:02PM: This game is disappointing. - Added Beckoner's Chime which can cast sorcerery and miracles, sold by Karla. - In Ceremony Farron Keep you can meet new hostile NPC, which drop Londor Braille Divine Tome. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. - Rotten Pine Resin now do 0,07 % + 18 damage per sec, was 7 flat. - Added texts, icons to many BB sets, weapons, but not perfect. Lit the bonfire and head left where you will find Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse next to another tower. - Cardinal, Oceiros, Aldrich and Midir now use new effect againts you - Frenzy. - Added minimalistic HUD by Dashima, which have FP bar and spells, but missing bolts/arrows. - Bleed/Poisons weapon now using united scaling, katanas have extra scaling from Luck. - Black Witch Veil - Added extra magic resistances + gain 1 Attument slots. - Enemy Companions have different phantom colors. - Old Hunter class did not meet the requirements for evelyn ( increased str). - Cathedral of Deep is more sunny, but ceremony version is very dark. - Added Rakuyo long version ( both version can be found in Consumed King's Garden new enemy spot ).