Scientists do not know whether it has to do with the different regions in the brain networked to gather or a single part of the brain. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which can not be derived from fundamental equations of physics. Dear Retired Cranky, Excellent! Astronomers have been working out hard to find the answers by hunting places in the universe where there are traces of water. Where did all the antimatter go? I am saying he expresses his erroneous views lucidly. Have a good day! Due to its extrinsic dependence upon animal sensation, it is severely limited. Here W is the “thermodynamic probability,”  the number of different microscopic arrangements for a system that give the same apparent macroscopic appearance. Required fields are marked *. It’s logically possible for someone to be a fool and a scoundrel in 99% of what he says and to utter a pearl of wisdom in the other 1%. initially uncorrelated particles (wherein Boltzmann’s derivation of the 2nd Law from an H-theorem was flawed) or from the fluctuation/dissipation theorem. By Brad Lemley March 20, 2003 12:00 AM. It is so simple, the power of mind is the consciousness, but as we don’t know ourself so we confuse.we are a soul and when the soul uses mind and intellect power then it is called consciousness by which one human think and react…. 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Everything that we see around us is made up of Atoms and barely accounts for 5% of the universe. There are many theories out there but practically no answers. Someday in Heaven, Purgatory, or the other place, I hope to meet Richard Dawkins, the noted scientism ... WHY DOES SCIENCE WORK? Our science has yet not evolved enough to provide the tool to find the answer for this question. Why is it that all of our rules, theories, maxims, and models all have an exception? Frank Swain, science writer. It is an embarrassing fact that our scientists do not know what 95% of our universe is made up of. Ludwig Boltzmann suffered from deep psychological depression much of his life, most intensely in his later years. —Fr. GRAPHIC: MELISSA THOMAS BAUM/SCIENCE; (IMAGES, LEFT TO RIGHT) K. FRONTZEK; U. S. HERMANN ET AL., SCI. Consider: including – I am sure you already are-mentioning how Goedel’s incompleteness theorems prove, without doubt, the absolute limits of math, and, therefore, the unsurmountable limits of scientific research and knowledge. They are the heart beat of internet e-commerce. A good suggestion is that by integration and processing of information and reacting to the information provided by the sensory inputs our consciousness helps us to distinguishes between what’s real and what’s not and based on this processed information we are given the ability to adapt an survive. Sign up for the Newsletter Sign Up. Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. Now this relation is more than a formal similarity between equations defining information and entropy. 5 of the Biggest Questions That Science Can't Answer Yet ... assuming that it has all of the answers right now is not. IS THERE A SOUL? The 2nd Law for reversible processes can be derived from statistical mechanics. Someday in Heaven, Purgatory, or the other place, I hope to meet Richard Dawkins, the noted scientism evangelist and pose some questions about science. At the 1st of all top unanswered science questions we have the something related Black Hole. To attribute purpose to anything else is an invalid extrapolation (p 157, The God Delusion). Here’s a free association test:  soul—mind, consciousness, self-awareness. But no one knows how to do it. 95 percent of our oceans remain un-explored. More so ever what prompted them to spontaneously arrange themselves to resemble life? . Here are eight unanswered questions that leading medical researchers say will command most of the attention and funding in the next decade. The proponents of “strong AI” claim that the brain is nothing more than a meat computer. These are all aspects or parts of what we think of as a soul. Many animals hibernate, but, as far as we know, a human never has. WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? Here in this article we will learn about Top 10 scientific questions which modern science still can’t answer (till now). WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL? Astronomers have looked at Europa, Mars and planets placed many light years away in a hope that they may find an instance where water might have given rise to life. The former was discovered in 1933 and it acts as invisible glue that binds and holds the galaxies and galaxies cluster together. Since a soul is immaterial, scientists can’t measure it or detect its effects. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hey: the sugar dissolved in your coffee is spontaneously collecting into crystals..  No, that’s something you’ll never see. What I have tried to address are questions where science intersects philosophy and, if you will, theology. Your rhetorical setting for questioning Dawkins eliminates these limitations and introduces the fascinating topic of our mode of knowledge after death, which is intuition. Interesting perspective. The same argument applies to liquid water evaporating to a vapor. INTRODUCTION: QUESTIONS AND MORE QUESTIONS. A very opinionated list if ever I saw one. No one knows what lies there. Far past many hundreds of years we have been filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide by burning the fossil fuels that so far had locked the away below the earth surface. This is because the adherents of scientism are worshippers io the religion of scienctism and proclaim its unprovable, scientifically and logically, dogmas. To answer the question ‘To be or not to be?’ we cannot turn to a science textbook. As the Nobel Prize winner and mathematical physicist, Eugen Wigner, commented: …it is not at all natural that “laws of nature” exist, much less that man is able to discover them. I haven’t addressed questions that science not yet answered, but might be able to in the future: for example, what is dark matter, what is dark energy, is there a theory of quantum gravity? Einstein’s theory on general relativity says that when black hole is created by a dying and collapsing star, it continues to shrink into itself, till it forms an infinite small, infinite dense point referred to as singularity. Some scientists do realize that this is a mystery. If unlocked these secrets are going to change many theories in the science. MED. For the living Dawkins, the question, ‘What is the purpose of it all?’, is a meaningless, grammatical construct. Your email address will not be published. The McCarrick Report: Who’s to Judge Theodore McCarrick? BUT. Teilhard Chardin and Thomas Nagel say yes, arbiters of “true” science say no. These insights have had implications for many neurodegenerative diseases involving prionoids, but many questions still remain unanswered. Besides their importance in securing our lives online they still remain an enigma. For irreversible processes (the ones that show “time’s arrow” where the principle of micrsocopic reversibility, t -t)seems to be violated, not so much. Gödel’s incompleteness theorem proves that mathematics is unbounded, not that mathematics has “absolute limits”. Indeed, the “anti-realist” school of philosophers (Nancy Cartwright, Bas van Frassen, Arthur Fine) maintain there are no “Laws of Nature.”   What we call “Laws,” these philosophers call devices “to save the phenomena”, i.e. There are several other unanswered science questions, above are the most discussed one which modern science is still unable to find an answer. Aren’t these 10 unanswered science questions just amazing? (This equation is engraved on Boltzmann’s tombstone and tattooed on my younger son’s arm.) These are difficult and intriguing open scientific questions that include fundamental mysteries in nature. Though irrelevant to our understanding of material reality through intuition after death, we would understand more fully why these questions arise in the context of reason within this life. Then Share it in Facebook, Twitter and Google+. As Thomas Nagel so aptly said, we can’t know “what it’s  like to be a bat.”   We can’t know what someone else’s perception of “red” is (see Jackson’s “The Mary Problem”). While other questions are interesting thoughts that science may possibly be able to answer now or in the future. Given a fact there are 60 billion planets out there and each would be existing in its own unique setting, may be somewhere some planet exist with setting just optimum for life to sustain. We humans are somehow linked by evolution to those early biological molecules.