Over the course of a few years, along with working alongside others, I have realized there are different types of Data Science roles — and, any of the roles I will be discussing can sometimes all have the same job title of Data … Here are some real life examples of jobs … Jobs in Statistics From helping companies understand consumer tastes and preferences to analyzing clinical research, statisticians are making sense of the world around us. Data Analyst; Data … To qualify for statistics-related jobs, statisticians should have at least a bachelor's degree in statistics. Apply to Data Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, Operations Analyst and more! 30,707 Statistics jobs available on Indeed.com. A Data Science job description is one thing, and the actual role, day-to-day, is another thing. Statistics is the study of data organization to provide specific information and for measuring and determining uncertainty and probability. The discipline can apply to problems in … New York Times considers Data Science as a “hot new field that promises to revolutionize industries from business to government, health care to academia.” However, there are a variety of different jobs and roles under the data science umbrella to choose from.. Jobs That Use Statistics. A master's degree in statistics, mathematics or survey methodology might open more doors. Here is a comprehensive list: Job Roles in Data Science.