An Edison panel uses Edison fuses that screws in like a light bulb — hence, its name. Edison Panel. If you decide not to upgrade your electrical system, thus upgrading to an electrical panel, you’ll need to know the different fuses. Physics; Physics / Energy and electricity; 14-16; View more . The fuse base has the fuse cap. All students should be able to recall how a fuse works and that there are different types of fuse and state that circuit breakers are safer than FREE (20) Popular paid … • When current exceeds the prescribed limit, the fuse wire is blown out. Presentation Summary : Outcomes. These protect up to 30 amp circuits. Shazbatz Renewable and non-renewable energy resources. Type of Fuses: Depending on the fuse current rating, the fuses can be one of the following types for low voltage applications: 1- Semi - enclosed Fuse (Rewirable) 2- Cartridge Fuse. In essence, the fuses dictate which fuse box you need when you replace it. The connection of the circuit happens when the tilt of the container contacts through the conductor. How can I re-use this? ppt, 400 KB. fUSES AND CIRCUIT BREAKERS. The simplest type of fuse consists of a resistive element. View Types Of Fuses And Its Applications PPTs online, safely and virus-free! Tes Classic Free Licence. D-Type Cartridge Fuses:- It is a non-interchangeable fuse comprising a fuse base , adapter ring , cartridge and a fuse cap. Link-type fuse Other resources by this author. Liquid Type HRC Fuses:-These are used for circuit up to 100A rated current& systems up to 132Kv. D-Type Cartridge Fuses This type of fuse has a container, base for the fuse, an adapter ring, and a cap. Get ideas for your own presentations. Share yours for free! Fuses - Outcomes. This resistive element is selected for its melting point. FREE (27) Shazbatz Types of Joints. Many are downloadable. (B.) CARTRIDGE TYPE FUSES:- The fuse element is enclosed in a totally enclosed container and is provided with metal contacts on both sides. The one end of the tube is packed and another is fixed by phosphorous bronze wire. Learn new and interesting things. When fuse operation starts, the liquid uses in the fuse extinguish the arc. All Students Should Be Able To Recall How A Fuse PPT. These fuses have the glass tube filled with carbon tetrachloride. Both of them are made from porcelain insulator. Categories & Ages. This increase the short circuit capacity. (A.) Types of Fuse Boxes. Report a problem. The types of fuses don’t matter as all have this same purpose. FREE (42) Shazbatz Sankey Diagrams. 3- High Rupturing Capacity (H.R.C) or High Breaking Capacity (H.B.C) Fuses. The voltage drop does not affect the circuit downstream as the amount is small enough. High Voltage Fuses Liquid type • Fuse wire is sealed at one end of the tube and the other end of the wire is held by a strong phosphor bronze spiral spring fixed at one end of the glass tube. The Semi-enclosed Fuse: This type is made from two sections, the base and the carrier. When a current flows through this resistive element, a small amount of voltage is created across it. Inside the cap is the fuse element with a container through the adapter ring.