Cryptomeria is a genus of only one tree - Cryptomeria japonica. It demonstrates good adaptability to many well-draining soil types, but consider planting it in a sheltered location out of cold or drying winds. It will reach a height of about 50 feet and spread about 20 feet. Japanese cedar trees (Cryptomeria japonica) are lovely evergreens that become more splendid as they mature.When they are young, they grow in an attractive pyramid shape, but as they grow older, their crowns open further to form a narrow oval. Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson 2. Cryptomeria Japonica is an evergreen, monoecious, coniferous tree native to the forests of China, Korea and Japan. Japanese cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica), or Japanese cedar, is a splendid evergreen that becomes even more handsome as it matures.Although it is not as well-suited to the United States as to its native Japan, it is still an excellent tree for the Southeast. Cryptomeria japonica: Japanese Cedar 1. Introduction. The tree keeps a billowy pyramidal form on one central trunk until close to maturity when the crown opens up into an irregular, narrow oval. Known for its naturally conical habit and its thick, red, fibrous bark, the C.japonica has narrowly wedge-shaped light-green (fading to dark-green) leaves arranged in 5 … Other than that, fertilizing is unnecessary, and pruning isn't required unless you want to shape your tree. The Japanese cedar or cryptomeria, meaning hidden parts, is a coniferous tree widespread within Japan. it is native to Japan although actually thought to have first been cultivated in China. Many cultivars which have derived from the generic Cryptomeria japonica are smaller in scale and have a slower growth rate than it, so tend to be used widely for ornamental purposes. Or a Cryptomeria … Plant cryptomeria in a moist, well-draining soil that is deep, rich in organic matter and acidic in pH (lower than 7.0) for best growth. We generally recommend planting Cryptomeria Trees in early spring or fall, before or after the threat of frost. Cryptomeria japonica var. These trees are a natural fit for Asian-themed and conifer gardens but can be transplanted to any landscape. It is a handsome tree and only grows prettier with age, with the most striking feature being its pyramidal shape with dense branches, spreading in concentric circles. Buy Cryptomeria Trees at Garden Goods Direct. There are various dwarf cultivars that enhance the aesthetics of the tree even […] The cones of Japanese cedar come in two types, male (right) and female (left). Purchase a Cryptomeria Black Dragon for unique, dark, evergreen foliage and natural layered branches. In these countries it is known as "Sugi". Usually, Cryptomeria Trees like full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day) and well-drained soil.