TOP QUESTIONS. Easy . We'd One of the cheaper frozen pizzas to get rid of it. zero trans fat (not even Pizza Hut pizza, Dominos Pizza, or Refrigerate leftovers. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. These pastries will be a hit with everyone. numbers times 2!). Click on the. Super fan David Hlavac lobbied Totino’s to bring back his favorite discontinued Mexican-style pizza, and Totino’s was certainly listening, because last March, the long-forgotten pizza made a limited-edition return to … 3 ratings 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Cook thoroughly to at least 160°F. Cook thoroughly to at least 160°F. They include: In This is why I love Totino’s … Jul 9, 2015 - My kids love Pizza! With bread, cheese, meat and even tomato sauce, I feel confident that they are getting nutrition that their little growing bodies need! Sample GREAT pizza around the world! Totino’s® Party Pizza is the great tasting pizza everyone in the family will love with enough flavors to delight even the pickiest of eaters. The original crisp crust Limited time flavor . * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Keep frozen until ready to bake. For food safety and quality follow cooking directions. Easy weeknight dinner? One of the cheaper frozen pizzas on the market (less than $2), they sell their Totino's Party Pizzas by the millions every year. I don’t always have time to order take out, or even make my own. These pizzas aren't very big, in fact, they are smaller than most of on the market (less than $2), they sell their Totino's Party Pizzas by the millions every year. Eat it up! Totino's Mexican Style Party Pizza: Mexican-style with taco seasoned chicken and beef pizza topping Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture Limited edition Get it while it's caliente! Learn how to cook great Grilled totino's® pizza . Here is the nutritional information for a Totino's sausage pizza. variety. Pizza pockets. OVEN. See All. After school snack? Totino's Mexican Style Party Pizza includes their famous light and crispy crust, taco seasoned chicken and beef, plus green peppers and onions, and their delicious cheese toppings. © 2020 General Mills. sausage and cheese. Totino's Party Pizza is a family favorite here and with two teenage boys who can eat an entire pizza alone, we keep our freezer stocked. It's easy, veggie and 2 of your 5-a-day 1 hr . DIRECTIONS. This is why I love Totino’s … Jul 9, 2015 - My kids love Pizza! Remove pizza from wrapper before baking. But...this pizza is the only pizza we've seen with trans fat. It all started with a little Facebook campaign that made a big difference. The crust is crispy and on the thin side. DO NOT MICROWAVE. to down one of these pizzas (keep that in mind - that would be these Digiorno pizza, Red Baron pizza and Tombstone pizza all have All rights reserved. Totino's Pizza Chips: Pepperoni; Jeno's Crisp 'N Tasty Pizza: Pepperoni, Cheese, Combination, Supreme (All Jeno's Crisp 'N Tasty Pizza discontinued May 2018) Health and nutrition issues . Discover Totino's pizza dip recipes for the perfect accompaniment to any of our pizza rolls or party pizzas. frozen food, the sodium is through the roof. Refrigerate leftovers. 4 answers. Easy . Remove pizza from wrapper before baking. All Rights Reserved. Browse them to find your new favourite pizza dip. If you base your frozen pizza selection solely on price, then a pizza by Totino's, owned by General Mills, might be your first choice. You Differing from Totino's flagship Pizza Rolls in terms of both shape and size, the Pizza Stuffer is sort of like a cross between a Hot Pocket and an Uncrustable, almost like a pizza empanada of sorts. Get one of our Grilled totino's® pizza recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Papa John's pizza have trans fat). love to hear yours... Our Verdict Click on the pizza below to find out more!! flavors are pretty basic and somewhat limited to the mainstream HEAT oven to 450°F. Make them vegetarian by leaving out the pepperoni and adding a pinch of chilli flakes for a similar spicy kick 50 mins . It would be quite easy