For Too Human on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Sequel? The epilogue for Silicon Knights’ overhyped, underwhelming flop Too Human is to be reanimated by Epic Games a decade later and given away for … I loved Too Human, still have my copy on the 360 in the metal collectors box. Mark Serrels | Kotaku Editor It had it’s chance. ,, Liked the idea, hated the game. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I would happily play another . A lot of what happened with Too Human is going to come out in the court case, which is May 14.”, if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { Anyway for the simple fact that your game reminds me of Too Human I will deffinitly be purchasing it. ". Hopefully they can continue to build on this universe and bring about a compelling story and game, akin to what they achieved with Eternal Darkness. You guys dropped the ball, get over it and move on. Loves that game to death. If they fix bug’s I believe this game trilogy could be on par with mass effect trilogy. . amen to that, I hope this abomination never sees the light of day. }. I wouldn’t have minded the combat so bad if it didn’t throw enemies at you that explode on contact so you shouldn’t melee them, but at the same time make guns completely worthless. Apr 23, 2019 #2 Combat was great once you got used to it. Too Human what a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ game to bad we didnt get a number 2 but vibes all day with this. The controls always felt weird, like they had been unconventional for the sake of being unconventional. I feel like if they’d made it a conventional brawler it would have been fairly well accepted. Enter your email below. Mark Serrels is the Editor of Kotaku Australia. The court case Dyack is referring to is Silicon Knights legal dispute with Epic, after Denis Dyack accused them of not providing enough Unreal Engine support during Too Human’s development. “You know, in some ways Too Human got a bad rap, and there are all kinds of details. Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is that fans will most likely never get a sequel to this brilliant game. I hooked my 360 back up a few weeks ago just to run through Too Human one more time. In this action-RPG from Silicon Knights, players take on the role of the Norse god Baldur, whose protective feelings towards Humanity and refusal to augment his body with cybernetics lead the other Aesir to label him "too Human". Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), I actually found the core gameplay really fun. I was just reminicing about Too Human and i was wondering, it's been almost 2 years since the game was released. I love how he constantly ignores the amount of games that came out at the same time as too human on the UE engine and tries to spin it as Epic’ fault. © Valve Corporation. Share. Now you can get the top stories from Kotaku delivered to your inbox. The core of the game had a lot of interesting ideas as well, effectively it was designed to be a Diablo-style multiplayer dungeon crawler. The setting, the plot and everything was incredibly interesting and I wanted a lot more of it. Yes Please!! As we all know it got mixed reviews and didn't sell great so do you think M$ pulled the plug on the sequel? I finished the game with most character classes and still love it to pieces. I'm too cheap for DLC so that news isn't too important to me, but a Too Human 2 has me licking my lips. If it's still in development then i'd think they would announce it by now. I wonder how much more of the Canadian taxpayers’ dollars Dyack is going to try to squander? Too Human suffered from a fairly difficult development period, and received a bit of a critical beating upon release, but the game retains a cult following. Too Human got a bad rap, sequels still possible says Dyack. A firm example of a crappy game that can be made infinitely better by bro-op. Development later went into the Nintendo GameCube in 2000, before eventually selling the … Hopefully it doesnt become illegal like Too Human … I really enjoyed the first game and am one of the few that played it through to the end. Too Human Sequel Is Still Possible, Claims Dyack. For some reason this game really reminds me of Too Human one of my favorite games. According to Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack, there is still a possibility that a sequel may se","url":"https:\/\/\/2012\/03\/too-human-sequel-is-still-possible-claims-dyack\/","img":false,"category":"In Real Life","published_at":1332761452,"updated_at":1332761197,"kind":"article"},"ad_location":"mrec-content-mobile","targeting":{"pos":"1"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot_mrec-content-mobile_section-index-1_pos-1"} ); “I think as long as Silicon Knights is still around there is still hope,” he said, talking to Industry Gamers. Here’s hoping they can work everything out and give us the ending we need! siteads.queue.push( {"site":"kotaku","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"in-real-life","amp":false,"ctype":"article","article":"too human sequel is still possible claims dyack","article-tags":["au","denis dyack","silicon knights","too human"],"native":["null"],"aggregate":["au","denis dyack","silicon knights","too human"],"pageID":["null"],"sub-sec":"","cat":"in-real-life","cat1":"","item":{"objectid":497652,"title":"Too Human Sequel Is Still Possible, Claims Dyack","text":" Too Human suffered from a fairly difficult development period, and received a bit of a critical beating upon release, but the game retains a cult following. He is a multi award-winning journalist and the inventor of the Serrels Stare. The original game was unfairly bashed by the masses, due to it being nigh-vaporware and Dyack being a tool. The real problem was the core gameplay wasn’t great. Played a lot of this game, and was especially fun with a friend. Yes, I wish to receive exclusive discounts, special offers and competitions from our partners. PRAISE BE UPON DYACK. I hope they do a sequel and tidy things up a bit. I never finished Too Human (and I traded it in so I never will) but I’d be willing to check out Still Two Damn Human: the Sequelling if it addressed the issues loops raised. Published 9 years ago: March 26, 2012 at 11:30 am-Filed to: denis dyack. Loved the first one, despite the flaws. He has previously edited publications such as The Official Nintendo Magazine, The Official PlayStation Magazine, Australian 360 and PSM3. Yes Too Human was awesome love the whole techno norse mythology vibe of it. Too Human Sequel Is Still Possible, Claims Dyack. I actually thought the game had alot of potential but I couldn’t get through it. And, yes, he is painfully aware that he closely resembles Simon Pegg. I would love a sequel with better combat, loot games are in right now and it looks like Norse mythology is all the rage thanks to Marvel and God of War. It’s a sad tale, really… one that, in … Thankfully there seem to be rumblings of an Eternal Darkness sequel for the Wii-u. Dear God… Why would you traumatise us with another game? This does not bode well for developers who depend upon Microsoft to fund their projects on the Xbox 360. The Longest Journey was developed by Funcom, not Silicon Knights, and actually did get a sequel. I actually finished off a few runes I hadn't done from years back, including a gravity well rune on my human zerker. Yeah, this. I thought it was quite brilliant in some ways, and the extreme cliff-hanger ending was a real kick in the nuts especially when i discovered that the chances of a second were slim!!! The sequel is called Dreamfall, I think. Too Human was late, over budget, embroiled in legal issues, commercially lukewarm and critically beige. According to Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack, there is still a possibility that a sequel may se","url":"https:\/\/\/2012\/03\/too-human-sequel-is-still-possible-claims-dyack\/","img":false,"category":"In Real Life","published_at":1332761452,"updated_at":1332761197,"kind":"article"},"ad_location":"out-of-page-mobile","provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot_out-of-page-mobile_section-index-1"} );