And then God gave me the most important birthday gift I ever got: Type 1 diabetes. My dad has raced cars since he was a little kid. It was funny. When your best opens his or her birthday card from you, you’ll know why they can’t stop smiling. 1.“Count your age by friends, not years. Sid Jr. would have been 40 years old today. I got a bad ass new outfit, I've got my portable charger ready, and I can't wait to go. You are indeed a very great gift-giver, and I am so thankful to you. Best gift ever! My father had developed Type 1 in 1942 when he was 14 years old, and he died when he was 40. The second best would be a gift from my best friends for my 15th birthday: a big box with swear words written all over it, full of various instant chicken-flavored noodles. I received your gift, and I must confess that it was truly one in a million. amanda says: November 30, 2018 at 12:55 pm. I got divorced in December 2018, after 12 years of marriage only to find out my wife was cheating on me. My birthday was a few days ago (the 27th) and my mom got us tickets to metalpalooza at a local bar. Reply. As with many of the best gifts, I didn’t even recognize it as a gift for quite some time. I gift that left me speechless, for my 40th birthday, from my 6 month girlfriend. All the best gifts I've ever received have been things my children made. There was a time when I looked forward to seeing my cool brother celebrate his 40th birthday. Today is my brother’s birthday. They were making fun of me being a super-picky eater (I would often bring instant noodles to parties, sleepovers etc., because I never wanted to eat anything they had at home). Birthdays are meant to be full of laughter and cheer. Your gift has brought a lot of sunshine and happiness to my world. About 15 years ago he had some health problems, was losing his vision and decided to sell all of his racing stuff – truck, trailer, his car, my car, etc. As I reflect upon my life and celebrate my brother’s life, I am grateful that my brother is the best birthday gift I ever received. Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Best Friend. My friend's band is playing and I've been wanting to see them since they first formed. Pick out one of these funny happy birthday quotes or mix and match them with your own words to craft the perfect cheers to another year older. Thanks for making my day so spectacular just like you are. Today is also my birthday and I really miss us wishing each other Happy Birthday. Poems, usually, or drawings, though last Mother's Day my 11-year-old son spent hours baking me a two-layer cake with frosting from real raspberries, and my 8-year-old son made a wooden castle in which the red mamas and the blue mamas battle it out over who will read to him. Thank you for your fine gift, and may the Lord grant you many blessings. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” ― John Lennon, 2.“Congratulations on your day.”― Auliq Ice, More Birthday Quotes and Sayings