Your email address will not be published. It is considered ‘Extra Firm,’ making is particularly suitable for those who do not feel comfortable on softer pillows. This position is associated with more aches and pains for two primary reasons: sleepers tend to crane their necks to one side, leading to more pressure; and because many carry excess weight in their stomach, they tend to sink into their mattress more and experience uneven support. Plus, when you get back home, you can easily wash the cover. 8 out of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with Tempur-Pedic, irrespective of whether or not they liked their pillow. All of these pillows are constructed from single pieces of memory foam and covered under five-year warranties. The TEMPUR-Cloud measures 5″ thick and is built onto an even, rectangular shape for optimal support and comfort. Our top value pick, the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow, has a price-point of $79, which is lower than most Tempur-Pedic pillows. If you’re not the type to bring your pillow with you when you travel on vacation, the Tempur-Cloud pillow may just change your mind. What kind of pillowcase should I use with the Tempur-Cloud pillow? Our review will tell you what you need to know about the Avocado pillow. This causes sleepers to sink somewhat deeply. TEMPUR-Down Precise Support — One of very few down pillows that they sell. While your pillow case is being washed, you can roll and unroll your pillow like a sleeping bag in order to allow the material to breathe and absorb fresh air. TEMPUR-Cloud. Due to their intended use for upright sleeping, Tempur-Pedic’s travel pillows have not been evaluated for sleeper weight and position. Online email form | 1-800-745-5697 (1-800-PILLOWS) | The “best” pillow is different for everyone, but if you like a plush pillow that feels luxurious but is still easy to take care of, then this could definitely be the best pillow for you. Because the pillows quickly adapt to the sleeper’s unique dimensions, returns are not available at any time. On the outside of the pillow is a premium, 500-thread-count cotton shell that can be removed and machine washed. The polyester knit cover is thick, soft and – perhaps best of all – can be removed for easy cleaning.. All rights reserved. However, for those same reasons, the Tempur-Cloud pillow might not be a great fit for side sleepers, and because memory foam can sleep hot, it might not be a good idea for hot sleepers either. It is priced at $49. It’s got plenty of comfort-inducing features and is an overall crowd-pleaser. Read full disclosure statement. Many people naturally sleep hot, and pillows that absorb body heat can cause them to sleep excessively warm; this can reduce sleep quality and leave them feeling tired the next day. That’s because the Tempur-Cloud pillow is incredibly soft and plush. TempurPedic TEMPUR Cloud Pillow Review. Inside, you’ll find both down filling and memory foam inserts that allow you to adjust the pillow’s height and loft. The following table lists specifications, firmness, and prices for all of Tempur-Pedic’s current pillows. Some people want a nice, firm pillow that supports their neck without much give. The Symphony Pillow is five inches thick and available in a Standard size. Your email address will not be published. The TEMPUR-Cloud features a removable, washable polyester-knit pillow. Four travel-size pillows are available, as well. Pillow Advisor Real reviews and advice on the best pillows in the UK, from real people. The TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is one of the highest-rated and highest reviewed TEMPUR-Pedic pillows available. Avoid chlorine products, stain removers, or over-drying when caring for your cover. Terms and Privacy. Prices range from $129 (Queen) to $169 (King); customers can upgrade to the TEMPUR-Adapt Pro + Cooling option for an additional $20. In 1999, Tempur-Pedic, Inc., Fagerdala World Foams, and seven other companies merged to create Tempur International, which was renamed to Tempur-Pedic International Inc. in 2002. The height of your pillow might seem like a minor thing, but it’s actually the key to waking up without a painful crick in your neck. Meant to give you that traditional feather pillow feel. On the outside of the pillow is 100% polyester knit fabric cover that provides a soft surface and wicks away moisture. This peanut-shaped pillow is ideal for supporting the head and neck on planes, trains, and other forms of transportation that require upright sleeping. Best Tempur-Pedic Pillows – Our Picks and Buyer’s Guide, Mattress Buying Guide – Choosing the Right Bed, Best Pillows – Buying Guide and Information, Every type of sleeper (side, back, stomach, combination), Sleepers who enjoy the plush feel of traditional down, Sleepers with fluctuating loft or firmness preferences, Sleepers who prefer balanced firmness in their pillows, Those with fluctuating pillow shape preferences, Those who tend to sleep hot on foam pillows, Those who prefer raised, orthopedic pillows, Sleepers who do not like high-loft pillows, Travelers who prefer firmer pillows for upright sleeping, Sleepers who use support pillows for their legs or lower back, Flippable design with flat and raised sides, Flat, rectangular design with soft down fill and adjustable memory foam inserts, Flat, rectangular design with gel layers on both sides, Flat, rectangular design that measures 48? Next, we'll go through their Tempur-Neck pillow:. Tempur-Pedic owns and operates a brick-and-mortar showroom in Natick, Massachusetts. Our favorite choice for back sleepers, the Symphony Pillow is a flippable pillow designed with one side that is flat and even, while the other side is arched for better neck and head support. To view the official product pages for these pillows (including purchasing options), click the links in the left-hand column of the table; to view their pages on, please visit the links in the right-hand column (note: some Tempur-Pedic pillows are not currently available on But these materials are so much more than what they seem. It comes with a removable cover made from a polyester knit blend. Our pick for best Tempur-Pedic pillow, the Tempur-Down Precise Support Pillowbalances the plush, comfort of down with the support of memory foam. Convenience If you’re not the type to bring your pillow with you when you travel on vacation, the Tempur-Cloud pillow may just change your mind. The Tempur-Cloud pillow is great for both back and stomach sleepers, it has a machine-washable cover and it compresses easily, which means it’s great for travel. Pillows that are too thick or too thin can compromise support and prevent the spine from aligning properly – and aches and pains often develop as a result. Note that the cover for the Tempur-Pedic GrandPillow is dry-clean only. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 The Mattress Nerd. The memory foam contours to your head and neck, dissipating the pressure that can buildup around our neck and shoulders at night. Tempur have a superb reputation for support and range - is this the best memory foam pillow ever? The quilted polyester knit cover has never been used in space, but it is still pretty cool: literally. In 2012, Tempur-Pedic merged with the Sealy Corporation; despite the merger, both companies are considered separate entities. The Avocado pillow is an incredibly eco-friendly latex pillow that is ideal for folks who sleep on their stomachs or tend to run hot at night. The downside of memory foam? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Tempur Comfort Pillow Cloud 74cm x 50cm - With Extra Soft TEMPUR Material Micro-Cushions - The Only Pillow Recognised By NASA And Certified By The Space Foundation at In these cases, a lower-loft pillow may be most suitable; thicker Tempur-Pedic pillows may elevate the head too much and compromise support. As long as memory foam isn’t damaged, it typically regains its loft and shape quickly. Material: Tempur foam Firmness: Firm User Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Tempur-Pedic is a huge name in the sleep world, and with good reason: The company knows how to make a quality product. Brought to you by the same people who make Tempur-Pedic mattresses, the Tempur-Cloud pillow is an extra-soft memory foam pillow made from the original Tempur material. Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences in Tempur-Pedic’s 13 available pillows. The Tempur-Cloud isn’t great for side sleeping, however, because side sleepers typically need a pillow with a high loft to help support their neck. On the outside of the pillow is a premium, 500-thread-count cotton shell that can be removed and machine washed. The Temper-Cloud pillow is a traditional shape somewhere between Queen size and standard size, so a standard or Queen pillowcase should work. The table below features ratings for each Tempur-Pedic pillow for each sleep position and weight group. Of Tempur-Pedic’s four travel pillows, we’ve selected the All-Purpose Pillow as the best because of its versatile functionality.