Maybe some autumn pumpkin or chocolate fudges are something you could experiment with? Line the baking dish with the already rolled puff pastry or roll the pastry yourself. This looks great and like it’s actually a use for those awful canned syrupy sweet potatoes. I love using puff pastry (I usually do a pizza pinwheel sort of thing), so I can’t wait to try these out! This sounds seriously delicious! I much prefer using fresh ingredients if I can. Loosely cover the pie with aluminum foil after about 30 minutes of baking time to prevent the top of the pie from getting too dark. i feel like such a troublesome person because of that, and if I could lose that allergy I would! Perfect appetizer for a party! By registering to our newsletter, you confirm the usage of your email to receive recent posts from WhereIsMySpoon, @2018 - Where Is My Spoon. Mmm these look delicious! Repeat with the second portions of sweet potatoes and the remaining onions and cheese. Butternut Squash seems to get overlooked too I have never tried anything like this! This site uses affiliate links. You just blew my mind. As someone from the UK Im not convinced about sweet potato in a non-savoury dish (I know, it has sweet in its name, but Ive never tried it). -Emma, I hope not because my note book is brimming with Thanksgiving menu ideas already. Amazing! If you can’t get any Gruyere cheese, you can replace it with another kind of good melting cheese, the one you like best. They smell, taste and are colored like the autumn season with just a little more natural sweetness than pumpkin. In a bowl combine the potatoes, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and mash together until nearly no lumps remain. This makes your finished pastries shine and get just a little more golden as you bake. Man these look so yummy, here I am meant to be going to sleep, instead Im getting hungrier reading A Beautiful Mess. So I'll stop. I used a mixture of white and red onions to make the caramelized balsamic onions, but if you only have one sort of onions, that will be fine as well. I was so excited when my favorite local brewery recently introduced a Sweet Potato BEER! sweet potatoes in syrup1/4 cup sugar1/2 teaspoon cinnamon1/8 teaspoon nutmeg1 eggmarshmallows (optional), Drain the sweet potatoes from the syrup. Cut off the excess pastry and pierce the crust all over using a fork. In a bowl combine the potatoes, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and mash together until nearly no lumps remain. You can get them at almost any coffee shop! If you want to make it yourself, I am sure it would be wonderful, but I never bother, I like the one I am able to buy, it is delicious and so easy to work with. Spoon batter onto puff pastry sheets. that looks amazing and delicious. You can substitute it with another kind of good melting cheese you like. Yum! Easy + sweet potato pastries? Arrange one portion of the potatoes … Well I know what I’m making this weekend. These are amazing! Add the thyme, sugar, and balsamic vinegar and continue cooking the onions, stirring often, until the onions start to caramelize and are soft. all of the different shapes make this dish that much more exciting. But I have a feeling I'm starting to cross over into weird kitchen lady rambling territory. Can’t wait to make these – love the idea of using pre-made pastry dough! ), The egg is only for the egg wash on top. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This looks so yummy! Easy and quick. 150 g/ 5.3 oz Gruyere cheese or a vegetarian alternative (Note 1), 250 ml/ 8.4 fl.oz/ 1 cup heavy cream (about 30% fat), fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. My sister always makes sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving and it is the clear dessert stand out – gonna have to ask her to try these as well. Cover with half of the onions and half of the grated cheese. It’s like a souvenir, every time I look into that magazine over the next few years, I remember during which trip I bought it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Last week he gifted me TEN POUNDS of puff pastry. After lining the gratin dish with the pastry, I had some scraps leftover, but not too many of them. xa. So, between 250 g/ 8.8 oz and 275 g/ 9.7 oz will be fine. It just looks so good! Whenever we go on holiday with the car, I make a point of buying a recipe magazine at one of the gas stations we stop on the way. Love the fun designs. In a medium bowl, mix together the mashed sweet potato, mascarpone, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla using a rubber spatula. love this as an appetizer in the fall time. Learn how your comment data is processed. Brush with an egg wash. Bake at 375°F for 15 minutes. Pierce the pastry with a fork all over. Puff pastry with anything is a winner for me Not that it's a competition. . Sign up for our newsletter and get a FREE Holiday Gift Tags Printable. Set aside. This looks so yummy! That looks so yummy. If using frozen puff pastry thaw it and roll it according to the packet's instructions. This pie looks incredibly good! -Emma, Ha! Using a sharp knife, trim a 1/4" strip from each side of the puff pastry sheet. Where Is My Spoon is a blog where you will find delicious and family friendly recipes, all made from scratch. You will find lots of Romanian and German recipes, but not only. If you like sweet potatoes, you will love this savory sweet potato puff pastry pie! xo. Do you have any suggestions for me because I am allergic to eggs? Set aside. I really need some like now… Sweet potatoes are probably my absolute favourite food ever xo. Adina, this looks so delicious! If you don’t mind my asking, what part of the south? Form any kind of shapes you prefer: pinwheels, spirals, braids, crescents, etc. Mix together the eggs, cream, and milk. Divide the sweet potatoes into three even portions. Lauren You can use homemade puff pastry or frozen puff pastry, which should be thawed and rolled according to the packet's instructions. Put some oil into a large frying pan, or stir fry pan, and then add the Enjoy with a green salad with vinaigrette or. There is a fruit here in Honduras that tastes a lot like sweet potato that I think I will try this out on. (We’re Navy, just got here two months ago, kind of a long story, adios! It’s nice. -Emma. There may be affiliate links within the post, see my, Snickerdoodle Recipe Without Cream of Tartar, Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today. I want to try this recipe! But it certainly saves time since you don’t have to bake fresh ones. I’m a big fan of sweet potato pie. Yesss. must try it. I have always said the same thing about sweet potato! End with a layer of sweet potatoes. gigi. My current favorite is Alba Scots Pine Ale. From simple healthy soups to sumptuous cakes for special occasions, all our recipes have been tried and loved by our family and our friends. However, keep in mind that the puff pastry might become slightly soggy after a while. If you want this pie to be vegetarian, make sure to choose a vegetarian kind of cheese. Savory sweet potato puff pastry pie with caramelized balsamic onions and cheese. Spread the sweet potato rounds evenly over the puff pastry. It’s my favorite holiday to plan for. This particular sweet potato puff pastry with balsamic onions is another version of a recipe I found in a magazine. I may have to try this. Line a round baking/gratin dish of approximately 26 cm/ 10 inches with the rolled puff pastry. Plus, I have no idea if my grocery store even has canned sweet potato (not that I’ve ever looked for it). Yummo! I’ll have to let you know if it tastes any different. xx. Just make sure you remember to thaw it in advance and read the packet’s instructions before rolling it.