But we brushed off most of it and it was tasty nevertheless. I think this website from where I learned how to do sweet potato fries crispy and your site is at the top of my favorite list. I’m a sweet potato lover too, so I wouldn’t mind meeting one of those! This is just the way it is. For anyone who is as wild about this tuber as I am, you’ve undoubtedly tried making sweet potato fries. Thanks Sarah ! Place them in a bowl of water, swish around a few times, then drain (this step helps remove some of the starch from the potato). Holistic Nutritionist Sarah Britton has been publishing her plant based whole food recipes on My New Roots since since 2007. Also for the dipping sauce I put everything together and hit it with my stick blender and it was great! Thx i love sweet potatos. Thanks for sharing sweet potato sista! I made this tonight and while waiting for the potatoes to bake I was tasting the Chermoula and thinking it really needs a sweet note. I have no idea what exactly I used!) Love them both. Crispy Cornmeal Sweet Potato Fries with Chermoula Yogurt serves 3-4 Ingredients: 2 – 3 large sweet potatoes 2 Tbsp. These fries are making me droool…, Those look amazing; I love how crispy the ends are! It’s so very hard to get those perfect sweet potato fries without deep-frying them (which I’m not that fond of). I have always been a big sweet potato fan and love sweet potatoes. Oh my goodness these sweet potato fries look amazing!! So.. now I’m off to figure out what kind of veggie I am.. Ideas? As a fellow sweet potato lover, you also should DEFINITELY make these ottolenghi sweet potato cakes (if you haven’t already): http://chocolateandchard.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/sweet-potato-cakes-with-poached-egg-and.html. Every time I see a new post I realize why this is my favorite blog! You can also leave the chermoula as is. It turns out that when a sweet potato plant is subjected to physical damage, sporamins are produced to help the plant heal! Honestly, I feel like if the whole internet went down except for your blog, I wouldn’t even mind. I like to mix the chermoula with yoghurt right before serving. Place fries on a lined baking sheet, making sure that they are not overlapping. Place cut potatoes in a plastic bag, seal and shake bag vigorously to coat Is the oil poured into the plastic bag or what am I shaking to coat the fries? Typically, it is used to flavour fish, but I am all about it with vegetables. hot smoked paprika Store in the fridge for 4-5 days. These look delicious! On low heat, melt coconut oil or ghee in a small saucepan. Three, thesesweet potato fries need their space. Made Life Changing Bread AND sweet potato fries today! Now you have me thinking what my vegetable would be. I do agree however, that rinsing the fries just after they’ve been cut does help. Oven temperatures are for conventional; if using fan-forced (convection), reduce the temperature by 20˚C. U r like the sister from another mother that i wish cld be mine. “No, she’s a cucumber.” Plus, the lovely thing about the cornmeal, is that is simulates that blistered, fried-textured exterior without the hazards of eating oxidized fats. Fry in batches for 3 to 4 minutes, until golden brown and tender on the inside. These tips are amazing. • Three, these fries need their space. Required fields are marked *. ground cumin Place cut potatoes in a plastic bag, seal and shake bag vigorously to coat (this process can also be done on a cookie sheet, drizzle the oil over and toss very well to coat). they also cook very fast on low heat in my cast iron deep fry kettle so watch it. I recently found out something really cool about sweet potatoes, and that is the amazing properties of their “storage proteins”. I will definitely be trying this with my two sweet potatoes sitting on my kitchen table. i tried this last night but with nutritional yeast instead of corn meal… i think a blend of corn meal and yeast would good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sweet potato fry that looks so AMAZING. The way u write about anything makes me wanna drop everything and jump on that band wagon. The addition of polenta is a stroke of genius. Not too shabby! I make Kumara chips (that’s what we call them in NZ. melted coconut oil or ghee 4 Tbsp. Also beautiful photography. We make sweet potato fries almost every week. made these…used the wonderful Tinderbox Herbal sprinkle instead of salt…had no cornmeal so improvised and used semolina and also combined with standard spuds…so yummy there were no leftovers! They remind me of my pecan crusted sweet potato fries (made a video for that one..so yummy). One of the biggest problems in the US is bad diets, and i hear the complaints “well healthy food just is not as good”. Just grabbed one out of the oven! I can’t wait to try these out I know they are going to be amazing. Great idea! And I had thought that I tried everything (an egg white wash, over-night soaking, painfully drying each fry with a tea towel) . I’m making sweet potato wedges for dinner tonight and was only whinging to my husband yesterday that I couldn’t make them healthy AND crispy! Your fries look so pristine! Oh wow. I was right. | All vegetables are medium size and peeled, unless specified. This pleases me a great deal. On low heat, melt coconut oil or ghee in a small saucepan. Oooh, thanks for this! . Well these are delicious! My blogging friend Carol Maynard and I were chatting about you on instagram…she told me I just HAD to visit your site, as we were chatting about sweet potatoes. I also loved hearing how many of you actually made it and let me know how successful it was for you! I was right. it definitely changed my attitude towards sweet potatoes! I am so glad I did! cornmeal / polenta 1 tsp. When sweet potato is being digested inside our gastrointestinal tract, we may get some of their antioxidant benefits. I’m so going to try that out! Hey Sarah, Position oven racks in the upper and lower thirds of the oven; preheat to 450 degrees. and it was a little unpleasant/gritty. We usually broil them for the last few minutes which makes for a crispier fry, but I thinking adding the cornmeal will really do the trick. This looks and sounds sooo good!