What an excellent post – thank you for writing and sharing it. Fascinating post. Now it is as though Superman’s feet have left the ground and he is gracefully suspended mid-air with his beloved Lois. Did you find this review helpful? all my friends were amazed when i played it! Is it a plane?). The effect is of something astonishing approaching from a distance. I mentioned your site in a review of Superman’s films on my blog when I talked about the score, if you don’t mind. Do you listen to it first and then watch the movie? what are the piano notes in letters for batman theme tune? (Is it a bird? James Newton Howard Sep 11, 2013 - Digital Sheet Music for Superman Theme by , John Williams, John Brimhall scored for Easy Piano; id:312509. What ensemble is used in this piece of music, Your email address will not be published. I Really Do Like The Famous John Williams Superman Theme. Is it a plane?). I hope to put it forward to our local orchestra for a performance. Yes - letter notes, keys, piano chords, bass, and lyrics. In the following film music analysis, I discuss several of the features that contribute to the expression of the Superman theme in each of its components and over its entire structure. I hope you can devote some time to that film as well in the future. Furthermore, the final chord of the passage is a quartal chord (or in jazz terms, a “sus” chord) on the dominant, all of which creates a great sense of anticipation, as though something incredible is about to happen. Shop our newest and most popular sheet music such as "Movies Theme Evolution", "French Horn Tribute to John Williams" and "Theme from Superman", or click the button above to browse all sheet music. , the last time leading into another form of quartal chord on G-flat (here marked as a sus chord with added 7th): Your email address will not be published. The same way that Hans Zimmer had to contend with people’s memories of the John Williams score, might John Williams himself have had to contend with people’s memories of the “Superman” TV score? I loved how you revealed the connection between the fanfare and the love theme. | In grad school, I had a professor who encouraged us theorists not to stop when we found one pattern, but to see if that pattern exists at other places and at other levels (the small, medium, and large scales, for instance). Theme from 'Superman' (arranged for Piano - MP3 & Sheet Music) 5 years late, but I thoroughly enjoyed this break down. Awesome post for some of us learning and studying music. Most piano sheet music I have found has been “easy to play” type stuff. Below is the concert version of the Superman theme: This version begins with the fanfare (whereas the film version omits this initial appearance), which is set in a moderate tempo and at a moderately loud dynamic. After all, these were the days before more troubled, tormented superheroes—Batman foremost among them—began to be the norm. I often find that the best ideas come to me that way, when I just sit and think about the theme, because it’s as if my mind is testing out the theme from all sorts of analytical angles, like trying to find the right fit for a puzzle piece. That would be great. My method depends on what it is I’m analyzing. 8. Description. I’ve also always thought that the jump from the tonic to the dominant in the “march” theme suggested jumping high (over a tall building? Share. Sheet Music All Movies All Music ... Superman Letter Alphabet, Superhero Bundle, Negative Letters, SVG, PNG, AI, Eps, Pdf, Ready for Cricut, High Quality Premium, Vector Files ShopLogic. Much the same thing happens after the B section (or “bridge”) of the march at 1:14, where the music attempts to conclude the section three times, the last time leading into another form of quartal chord on G-flat (here marked as a sus chord with added 7th): This chord in fact has the same structure as the one heard in the fanfare when the music begins to speak the name “Su-per-man”, only now it is transposed up a half-step. (Is it a bird? SKU: MN0017586 Elmer Bernstein Thank you for yet another of your wonderful film music analyses. Sadly he passed away in 2010, much too early. © Mark Richards. Thanks, Ryan. This does not contain the whole Williams piece. Such great scores in so many ways! This is also the moment where the music seems to utter the word “Su-per-man!”, Heard as such, the music fuses the characteristics of these first few bars with Superman’s very name. In this particular case, and as many have pointed out before, the music even seems to speak the name “Superman” in its first big cadence (more on this below). LOG IN Besides the octave motion through the open fifth that begins both themes, the end of the first four-bar phrase, where we hear the orchestra almost speak the word “Su-per-man”, has a stepwise drop to it similar to Zarathustra. As this rhythm is repeated, the dynamic becomes gradually louder, and more and more of the orchestra joins in. Just listen to the audio file at the top of the post to figure out the … Ennio Morricone But that’s not to say you couldn’t make your own. Danny Elfman Thus, the music attains a powerful sense of forward drive. Twice the melody rises a step to an elated-sounding A, as though celebrating one’s heroic efforts. In the first idea, the goal note is the highest note; in the second idea, it’s the last note (though this note is embellished by a note a step higher); the third idea repeats the first, so again it’s the highest note; and in the fourth idea, it’s the last note. So crucial are these linking sections that the theme would lose much of its power were they omitted from the music.