In the European Union, sunflower area is seen increasing only 4%. Why Sunflower Farming. No Change from last month. Slightly lower Argentine sunflower production is seen for 2019-20 based on a trend yield just below last season’s crop. Obviously, world events can change markets in a hurry but based on the reduced 2018 oil-type production and the existing demand for the product, the sunflower market should be aggressive in 2019 to get acres to replenish stocks and meet demand. Due to huge demands for the oil, the country also imports sunflower seed from other countries. An entrepreneur passionate about agriculture and having own land can start sunflower farming business. The main sunflower seed production region in the country is Trakya. Tweet. Growing sunflower for oilseed with maintaining the right process is a viable business opportunity. The Argentine-planted area could be constrained by a weakened price. Barley, Corn, Palm Oil, Rapeseed, Rice, Sorghum, Soybean, Sunflower and Wheat. The top 5 regions (others are Raichur District, Bijapur District, Bellary District, and Bagalkot District) account for 54.55% of it. Gulbarga District is the top region by sunflower production in India. Sunflower is a highly profitable crop in oilseed production; Sunflower takes very short duration 80-115 days to grow European Union sunflower production is expected to match the 2018-19 harvest of 9.7 MMT. Production information of the main agricultural commodities in the world. The first sunflower production forecast for 2020 is 2.81 billion pounds, up 44% from 2019, according to the National Sunflower Association. As of 2010, sunflower production in Gulbarga District was 31,298 tonnes that accounts for 12.45% of India's sunflower production. During the 2006/2007 period, Turkey harvested about 1.325 tonnes of sunflower seed which after crushing yielded about 545,000 tonnes of oil and 715,000 tonnes of sunflower meal. Home ... Sunflower Production 2019/2020. May 2020 Update: 56.69 million metric tons.