one i didnt try was sub up port back i heard that provides good output as well. (for being such a small box). Should my subs face the front of the trunk or the back? If i have a subwoofer system in my trunk facing the back seats will it sound bad? General Placement of Subwoofers. Users who viewed this problem also viewed: What is the best way to face subwoofers in a car trunk? Which way is best to face your subwoofers? Aim your sub at the back of the car and as far towards the back of the car as possible. the 15" was an SPL-15/TeamPSI in 4.5ft^3 @ 40hz, sub and port both rear facing in the trunk. I would hope it would be louder, probably a 2.5-3 db as a guess. Facing subwoofers towards front or back in a trunk. How to properly position your subwoofers in your car? 1.1.1 Tools required to mount a subwoofer box in the trunk; 1.1.2 Subwoofer box: 1.1.3 With rope and screws: 1.1.4 Secure the subwoofer box in the trunk With strips: 1.1.5 With wooden plates: 1.2 Guidelines for new buyers Does back firing subwoofers in your trunk sound the best? How do u install insulation for a trunk with subwoofers? What direction to face a subwoofer inside a trunk? How do i make a subwoofer stay in place in my trunk? Is it better to face the subwoofer backwards or forwards in the trunk? This method is still better than facing the subwoofer forward into the cabin of the vehicle, but becoming less effective. 200 amp 6g alternator big three with 2awg wiring 1 Stinger SPV70 up front, another one in the trunk Where should i position bandpass sub in trunk? Should a subwoofer face the front or back in a hatch? Should the stereo box port face the back seat in the trunk or up? Is it better to face your subwoofers up at the trunk or back? 18" is a fully loaded BTL, box will be 7ft^3 @ 40hz (for comps, 32hz daily) sub up and ported through the rear deck. Hahaha oh its a Cadi. By placing the subwoofer in the trunk against the last row of seats, facing away from the driver, the bass becomes more pronounced and evenly distributed across the car’s surface area. Since these powered subwoofers take up less space, they’re a better option. All that is on the back side of my seats is like a 1/8" piece of hardboard. How to reduce trunk noise with subwoofer? It sounds awesome, but when I open my doors the sound and clarity of the subwoofer nearly doubles. There is still the hard boundary (trunk lid), and lack of rear wave, but the problem is, the reflected wave from the trunk lid does not flow directly into the cabin. Coming soon to Twitter. Personally....unless u have had previous issue......... i would recommend if ur doing it sub up, to go port back. Whats the best position to have 2 12 subs. Install subwoofers to back seats in trunk. Should I have them build the box for the Sub Woofer with the speaker facing the back of the car or towards the seats? Can i install a subwoofer to a bose wave radio? Best direction to point subwoofer in car trunk. What car do you have? If the Sub Woofer is facing the seats it would be right up against the seats. Check back soon to follow us and no offense but sub up, port back in a trunk would sound like ass IMO. Ask for FREE. I am fine doing my own designs and everything I am just not sure on the "orientation" of ports/subs as I have ALWAYS done sub/port rear so... My air bags should be here mid week so with any luck I should be able to start throwing this shit in the car next weekend! Should a subwoofer face you or towds your trunk? Please paste the youtube video url in the field below: Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? I later got 3 subs and i had them facing back also but it vibrated my trunk really bad. Should my subs face the front of the trunk or the back? SUV is a whole different beast than a trunk car though. OK, can't fit this 18" in my trunk Like I had hoped (sub back, port up through deck) but I think I have a solution... Refs = PapaGeno21, Goindef154, 92c1v1c, Disarmer, chemmins, 97maxima, kroid777, ithertz, basscort2009, hunterw, mar08052, appleyard, millimac247, jonny101abc, sundownz, cranberryyumyum, mig139, daboyfrumdabx, skateguy92, basebalz13.