Check out this post for how to tune your guitar if you aren’t quite sure or need a recap. Each strings ball-end is then fixed inside the guitar by the ferrules as opposed to a saddle/stop tail as the image below shows. Arrange the machine heads so that holes where the strings will go through are facing the down the guitar towards the neck. Flip your guitar over and place one of the holes you drilled on the top, onto this dowel. You can do this with the guitar on your lap (which is how I used to do it) but I find it much easier if you lay the guitar flat on a table or bench and place something under the neck to lift the headstock off the table for easier access (see image above). Player-oriented features, wide, open sound and comfortable playability combine to create a playing experience like no other. Clip the string as close as possible to the machine head so that there isn’t too much hanging out that you could potentially cut yourself on. The technique shown here is the one that is used by Martin Guitars. load guitars are easier to play compared to string-thru. Alternative method: Another method you can use is to take the string past the machine head (that the particular string is going into) and clip it so that it is around 2 and a half to 3 inches past that machine head. Keep the good work up! Once the strings are nice and loose pop the bridge pins out of their holes. The strings-through-body bridge has multiple variations, but it’s best known as it appears on Fender’s Telecaster and similar guitars. loosen the low E string, a little bit, then the A string a little bit and so on and repeat the process until all the strings are loose. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. A better match on vintage guitars: the Relic Nickel plating has an aged look, perfect for repairing old guitars, when shiny hardware looks out of place. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Some people loosen off the strings and then cut the strings before removing the bridge pins but this seems like an unnecessary step to me. Didn’t really have google as we know it back then (wow now I’m starting to sound really old!). Most string manufacturers will have some way of determining which string is which. Thanks for sharing and enjoyed the reading as always. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Designed from the ground up for modern players yet retaining all the timeless style that made the 6120 famous, the Players Edition Nashville with String-Thru Bigsby is a marvelous example of art and performance. By Guitarify on August 31, 2012. And then just poke the string just through the hole and hold it and wind it. I hope this has helped you to learn how to re-string your guitar for yourself or clarified a few things for you – or given you a new method to try. Player-oriented features, wide, open sound and comfortable playability combine to create a playing experience like no other. Yeah I used to just do it on the lap but it’s so much easier on a bench/table – took me a long time and a lot of years playing guitar to click with that one! Mind you they’ve probably forgotten their lesson by now so I’ll be passing on your link to them. Easier to start out getting it right from the start. With updated, performance-oriented features this instrument is destin Set up on a table or bench. Unwind them to loosen them off. Now that the guitar is string-less we want to put on the new strings. When you clip the strings make sure that you hold the end of the string with the hand that isn’t cutting so that the string doesn’t go flying off. Now we will attach them at the headstock end: There are a number of different techniques used to attach the string to the machine head. An example of this on the low-cost end of things is the Squier Bullet Telecaster vs. Squier Affinity Telecaster. Cheers, Glad to hear your son is learning the guitar. The strings are laced through holes on the back of the body called ferrules. Flange diameter: 25/64" (9.92mm) If it is your first time re-stringing, or if you need clarification on any of the steps, and you have any questions, I am happy to answer them – just leave a comment below. My only issue with this alternative method is that I’m always worried I will cut the string too short or too long and also that there isn’t really any extra guard against string slippage like with the other method. He has been fiddling around with a guitar for the first time this last half a year or so. When Leo Fender introduced his revolutionary solidbody guitar in 1950, it had strings anchored in ferules (small metal cups) inset into the back of the guitar and passing up through holes in the body and through the bridge plate, where they took a right-angle turn over three … Designed from the ground up for modern players yet retaining all the timeless style that made the 6120 famous, the Players Edition Nashville with String-Thru Bigsby is a marvelous example of art and performance. New strings go out of tune very easily so it’s a good idea to stretch them. I gave both of them a hands-on tutorial and they also got to put on two strings each. Your email address will not be published. The following steps describe the changing of all of the strings on your guitar. Ideal for every song, every night, this Nashville is certain to become your go-to guitar. The bridge pin usually has a slotted groove where the string sits so it’s important that the pin is placed so that the string sits in that slotted groove. And at least you get to practice 6 times every time you re-string the guitar! First I take the Low E strings from the pack of strings. Go back to the headstock and finish unwinding the strings off the machine heads and pull the end of the string through the hole. At this stage you will just be winding them so that they are tort enough to be able to hold themselves in place – we will tune them up properly later. I tend to start with the high E string but whichever you find easiest is  fine (though it’s probably easiest with either the Low or High E first so you can work outside in). Reinvigorated for modern players who demand the pinnacle of performance and tone from their guitar, the Players Edition Country Gentlemen with String-Thru Bigsby is packed with the sound and style that made the original a classic. For mounting the strings through the body of a non-tremolo solidbody guitar. These are guitars like the Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster where strings are installed from the back of the guitar that travel through the body, over the string saddles, over the neck, to the nut, and ends at tuner post. Make sure when you are winding the string that the string winds around the machine head from top to bottom and that it doesn’t overlap on itself – to help to do this you can hold the string on your right hand just on the machine head side of the nut so that you can guide the string down the machine head as you turn the tuning peg.