You have a 1 in 10, 1 in 20 chance of getting it close enough you won't shed tears. Sort of a transition phase. ), en donde las cuerdas arrancaban I am wondering what, if anything I might be giving up by using top-loading bridges on both guitars. top loader vs. through body Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by davidpeters, Oct 3, 2011. Oct 3, 2011 #1 davidpeters NEW MEMBER! It seems when you think about the early And now, for the wild card... 24 years after the original Top-loader Telecaster, Fender brought the design back in 1983, now utilizing a Schaller "Freeflyte" top-loading bridge as opposed to a modified traditional-style unit. As always, we managed to find some amazing deals that include top quality products at very competitive prices. My top loader Bullet Strat was terrible. Is this "something" or not really much to … Hubo una época de Fender, en el 59 si no me equivoco, en que Leo cambió el sistema string through tradicional de la Telecaster por el sistema Top Loader (tal vez para ahorrar costos? Although The top-loading bridge was installed on Teles beginning in mid-1958, but by mid-1959 string-through construction was reinstated. You may think if you drink a couple beers you can drill some holes through the body and the finish won't chip and they'll somehow magically align. Neither body is drilled for string-through bridges. I do think the type of bridge used on a top loader might have something to do with it. We’ve dug through the market to find the five best telecaster bridges that are currently available for sale. I am building a matching Tele and hardtail Strat. I don't think string thru vs top load makes much difference in sustain. Both bodies are ash with maple cap construction. So what are you thoughts on top-load vs. string-through? If you have a top loader, keep it as a top loader. I've heard string-through adds sustain, and may have other advantages. Fender hadn’t anticipated changing back, so a large supply of pre-made top-loading bridges was left I have also seen some later 1959 and 1960 Tele’s with string-through design with a top-loader bridgeplate that were probably leftovers being used up in production.