5. It may also require you to make technical adjustments to the way you shoot a scene. This product is very useful as a reflector or a flag as well. What you will use to light up your still life photos may depend upon your preferences or requirements, and while there are recommended concepts to consider, how you create your lighting is up to you. Still life is also a great way to show off your skills and artistic flair, making still life shots a great addition to any photographer’s online portfolio. Backlighting offers different creative choices. Photograph by Stacey Hill. Professional photographers usually use a soft box or a light box to shoot their still lifes. First, you can get further from the scene. Earlier, I mentioned foam core. White/Black (or colored) large foam core sheets for backgrounds and backdrops. Founded in 2012, our focus has always been simple, practical tips and tutorials, for beginners. Side light will give dimension, but so also will the angle at which you take your shot [ie. Controlling the light in your still life scene has a direct impact on the whole feel and tone of the image. Reserved / Disclaimer, Your email is safe with us. When you incorporate lots of dark shadows, it makes the color tones rich and intense, and this lighting scenario can work very well as a style choice for your still life photography. In this video tutorial Julie talks about how to find the right light and position your subject, using a reflector to fill in … 1. It also comes in black, and if you’re handy you can make some neat flags with black rip-stop nylon. Gerbera flower – backlit by a window covered in white fabric to diffuse the light. This means it will take a lot more management on your part to be made to look natural. Tripod – A good sturdy one for extended exposures. For this shot, I used 105 mm lenses. What kind of materials can you use to control light? My favorite style – dark and moody. Whether rings, or florals, side light will enable you to give dimension and depth to your still life imagery. Stacey can be found having an opinion all over the place: Beginner’s Guide to Still Life Photography, Your Best Tips for Cropping and Resizing – Free Quick Guide, Composition and Subject Framing – Free Quick Guide, The Down and Dirty of Adobe Camera Raw – Free Quick Guide, How to Get the Most Out of a Photo Walk – Free Quick Guide, Choose the direction of the light – back, front, or side lighting, Filter the light to make it softer and more diffused, Opt for natural, or artificial, light sources. Photograph by Stacey Hill. The reverse is when you have minimal light and lots of black and shadows – this is referred to as a low-key lighting scenario. It’s inexpensive and can be easily cut to size. Still life photography that is shot within a studio setting offers you a greater scope of control over the lighting. Key Information: You can control, shape, and manage your lighting to enhance your image, and you can also add your own personal style, or creative flourish, to the final image by making lighting choices. We can control and shape the results of artificial lighting in different ways as well: Shaping the light, and managing the shadows, has an important impact. While harsh bright light can be used artistically – often in high-key lighting scenarios – if you are taking photos of food, it may be difficult to make the subject look tasty and delicious with very harsh bright lighting. I used a dark flag to increase shadow, and block light from hitting the set, by positioning it in different places around the scene. You can’t turn the intensity of the sun down. Make your lighting contrasty: Whether you are using strobes, speedlights, or LED’s, it’s … Photograph by Stacey Hill. In a food still life photograph, the food should be a focus and look tasty and delicious. 3 Free Photography Cheat Sheets That Will Help You Understand the Basics, These 15 Images Will Show You Why Storytelling is a Powerful Photographic Tool, Do you know what your #1 Photography Killer is (and what it means)? There is an emphasis on very directional lighting with portions of the image well-lit while other portions may be in deep shadow. In this article, we will show you how to get those perfect still life photos! For photographer Hannah Concannon, “still life has been mostly about experimentation and trying new things, because you never quite know how certain light is going to reflect off of a marble versus a rose.”