The Harpy Eagle measures around 1 meter (3 ft) or a little taller, from the tip of its beak to the tip of its tail. The Harpy Eagle has short and round wings, suitable for life inside dense tropical forests where it has to maneuver through dense vegetation. 2nd Harpy Eagle – Smaller in lenght, total size than the Philippine Eagle but robust in built with largest talon size of all eagles in the world.Experiment done in Chicago Field Museum The Philippine Eagle tops in 5 of the 7 external measurements, namely, total length, bill gape, culmen, bill height and tarsus. The average prey size of a Philippine Eagle is 2.3 kg (5.1 lb). Steller’s sea eagle is the world heaviest eagle which weighs from 5 kg to 9.5 kg, although harpy eagle is also weighs same as steller’s sea eagle but on average weight basis steller’s sea eagle is the heaviest one. The Harpy eagle generally sits and waits motionless, waiting for the right time to launch an attack on an unassuming prey. Somehow i'd expect the harpy eagle to win mainly due to it's closer ties with Harpagonis/Haast eagle Just a suggestion get those pictures under a spoiler tag for space Akatora, Jul 17, 2011. Length, Weight, and Wingspan are rough indicators or size. In terms of power it should be right there. Photo: Sascha-Wenninger/Flickr/CC by 2.0, White-tailed Eagle. Bald and Golden Eagles both have longer wingspans than the Harpy Eagle. Christopher Helm, London, UK. I3igAl. Like the Harpy Eagle, the magnificent Philippine Eagle also lives in dense tropical forests and hunt arboreal mammals, but its average prey size is smaller. The Harpy Eagle is a top predator in the rainforest habitat where it lives. However, this eagle is much more slim overall, and its legs are notably much thinner. A burst of fast flight maneuvering through dense forest requires short and rounded wings.The Philippine Eagle lives in similar tropical forests and uses a similar hunting technique. With its majestic monochrome plumage and handsome but intimidating face, the Harpy Eagle is the prettiest and most terrifying bird we’ve ever seen. Nests can be quite large in diameter. Brazil, M. (1993). I have heard that with with feet/claw they have an amount of pressure equal to that of a Rottweiler (dog breed) bite. One size contest the Harpy Eagle might be able to win has to do with their feet! The Harpy Eagle’s Metrics Relative to other Eagles. Harpy Eagles are believed to be monogamous and territorial. But in some birds of prey, the female can be half as heavy as the male. A bird’s weight can vary throughout the year and even the time of the day. Research shows that Harpy Eagles can survive in slightly altered forests. 3rd Stellers Sea Eagle – Its the worlds heaviest Eagle on average but often lags behind the Philippine Eagle and Harpy Eagle in some other measurements. Harpy Eagle vs Bald Eagle vs Condor vs Steller's Sea Discussion in 'Outskirts Battledome Archive' started by I3igAl, Jul 17, 2011. Photo: Chris/Flickr/CC by 2.0,, The talon on this hind toe is its largest and measures 7-10 cm (3-4 in. They can go even longer without catching quarry. The Harpy Eagle is the world’s heaviest and most powerful eagle by body weight and by the fact that it hunts larger prey items. A guide to the birds of Mexico and northern Central America. It has huge strong talons that can compare to a bears claws and its legs can be as thick as a humans wrist. Wikipedia, Animal Diversity Web – Michigan University, BBC Arkive Image of Life on Earth, World Atlas, Philippine Eagle Foundation, WWF World Wildlife Fund, Chicago Field Museum, Cornell Lab of Ornitology, National Geographic, Animal Planet). Hi, very interesting topic and information, thank you. The average height for a female Philippine Eagle is just about 1 m as well. The Martial and Crowned Eagles weight 3.06 kg and 3.4 kg, respectively, on average. With 42.2″ from tip to tail, the Harpy Eagle is the world’s largest eagle followed very closely by the Steller’s Sea Eagle with 41.3″. Harpy Eagles do not soar and their relatively shorter wings help them maneuver more easily through the trees and vines prominent in their rainforest home. This article compares the Harpy Eagle's weight, length, and wingspan with those of the world's top three largest eagles to answer this question. When it comes to weight, Harpy Eagles are one of the bulkier eagle species around with males weighing about 5.9 kg on average while females weigh 7.4 kg on average. The Harpy Eagle comes in fourth place in the wingspan category. Their wingspans can measure up to 2.2 m (7.5 ft), while a Harpy Eagle’s is roughly 1.8 m (6 feet). The now extinct Haast’s Eagle of New Zealand was the largest eagle to ever live. With 42.2″ from tip to tail, the Harpy Eagle is the world’s largest eagle followed very closely by the Steller’s Sea Eagle with 41.3″. Variations in these metrics can make a comparison between eagle species less reliable. The Harpy Eagle is the world’s heaviest eagle, followed closely by the Steller’s Sea Eagle. They also tend to be less afraid of humans than other birds of prey. How big is a Philippine Eagle? This is a ring of feathers around its face that they can raise and lower at will. Adult Harpy Eagles have a gray head, black wings and back, a black breast band and a dark tail with white bands. The Harpy Eagle strikes fear simply by being present. Some ideas that may help explain such difference include: Some ornithologists propose that the difference in size among raptors allows them to hunt prey of different sizes, therefore not competing for the same prey. Measurements of male and female Harpy Eagle. In most birds, the male is larger than the female. The average weight is variable, possibly due to seasonal variation in food access or general condition of eagles, but has been reported as high as a mean mass of 7,757 g (17.101 lb) to a median estimate weight of 6,250 g (13.78 lb), excluding expired eagles … Just How Big and Powerful is the Harpy Eagle? Ask us more about our work with Harpy Eagles and the opportunity to see one in the wild. Notable people who study Philippine Eagle and prove the conclusion. Photo: Andreas Weith/Flickr/CC by 2.0, Wedge-tailed Eagle. The Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) is considered to be the most powerful eagle in the world. Auk. Other animals that make up its diet include opossum, coatimundi, young javelina and deer, porcupines, foxes, toucans, and parrots, among many others. "Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? Harpy Eagles reach sexual maturity when they are around 5 years old. 1995. Females vary in weight from 6,195 to 9,500 g (13.658 to 20.944 lb), while males being rather lighter with a weight range of 4,900 to 6,800 g (10.8 to 15.0 lb).