Learn more about how you can contribute to the IMS. 31, No. Cart. 2, 259–274 DOI: 10.1214/16-STS552 In the Public Domain Close-Kin Mark-Recapture Mark V. Bravington, Hans J. Skaug and Eric C. Anderson Abstract. euclid.ss.1439220717.pdf - Statistical Science 2015 Vol 30 No 3 352\u2013371 DOI 10.1214\/15-STS513 \u00a9 Institute of Mathematical Statistics 2015 A Closer The statistical science BS degree is designed to help prepare students for graduate programs in statistics or careers as statisticians. Search for journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings related to theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics. General notions of statistical depth function. Leave Feedback. Select your subject area from the All Subjects drop down menu. Check out the Duke A-Z database list. Leave Feedback. Giving to the IMS. Contribute. References in Statistical Science can be presented as either author/year or numbered style; that is, ZUO, Y. and SERFLING, R. (2000). Do you have feedback for the IMS? Statistical research spans an enormous range from direct subject-matter collaborations to pure mathematical theory. Mark-recapture (MR) methods are commonly used to study wildlife populations. Ann. Statistical Science 2016, Vol. Statistics is the science of learning from data, measuring, controlling, and communicating uncertainty. General notions of statistical … Taking advantage of … The Annals of Applied Statistics, the newest journal from the IMS, is aimed at papers in the applied half of this range. A.-M. Guerry’s Moral Statistics of France: Challenges for Multivariable Spatial Analysis Friendly, Michael, Statistical Science, 2007; Environmental Statistics: Current and Future El-Shaarawi, Abdel H. and Teugels, Jef, International Statistical Review, 2005 + See more You can get a summary in PDF-format at: https: ... Probability § | Statistics § Project Euclid JSTOR. Euclid is an ESA mission to map the geometry of the Universe and better understand the mysterious dark matter and dark energy, which make up most of the energy budget of the cosmos. A new issue of Statistical Science has been published. Looking for articles related to your project but outside of the Statistical Science area? A statistical framework for modern network science: Harry Crane and Walter Dempsey: Judicious Judgment Meets Unsettling Updating: Dilation, Sure Loss, and Simpson’s Paradox: Ruobin Gong and Xiao-Li Meng: On general notions of depth for regression: Yijun Zuo: A Conversation with Tze Leung Lai: Zhiliang Ying, Dylan S. Small, and Ying Lu It provides the navigation essential for controlling the course of scientific and societal advances. 28 461–482. Project Euclid. or [12] ZUO, Y. and SERFLING, R. (2000). Statist. Quantum science and quantum technology are of great current interest in multiple frontiers of many scientific fields ranging from computer science to physics and chemistry, and from engineering to mathematics and statistics.