Jazz (1300 feet) along the Flaminia Road. Among the city’s many excellent historic sights are its first-century Roman amphitheatre, the 12th-century Duomo, 13th-century Ponte delle Torri aqueduct and the 14th-century hilltop fortress, Rocca Albornoziana. READ. Today, it’s best known for its annual summer Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of Two Worlds or Spoleto Festival), honoring music, opera, theater and dance. Umbria hosts lots of festivals, re-enactments and events all year long. Spoleto Festival Art 2020, Spoleto, Italy. The Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra, Westminster Choir, and Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus will join forces under the baton of r Ruth Reinhardt. Spoleto stands at an altitude of 396 mt. In 1958, Menotti had founded the Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of the Two Worlds) in the small and charming town of Spoleto in central Italy. Performance Date: June 4, 2020 at Charleston Gaillard Center. Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa and the Festival of Two Worlds are co-producers of this semi-staged concert which receives its world premiere at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto on 28 August 2020 with a preview on 1 August at the Nervi International Festival of Music and Ballet near Genoa. THE FESTIVAL OF SPOLETO AT THE INAUGURATION OF THE CULTURE AND TOURISM YEAR ITALY CHINA 2020 . 22 Gennaio 2020. Its dominant and strategic position determined its status of Caput Umbriae that lasted unceasingly from the 4th century B.C., when the city was fortified with the "Cyclopean walls", until the Unification of Italy, when the capital of the Region became Perugia. The last one is now in its 43th year of its winter and summer editions. The most popular cultural events which include top artirts from all over the world are the Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto (a theater festival in June) and the Umbria Jazz (musical festival) in Perugia. Citerna – Earth Citernae – Ceramics market, from 2 to 17 August approximately. Gubbio – Gubbio no Borders – Festival of music and entertainment. Esposizione Int. 1.2K likes. Date: August 27 to 30, 2020 (Programme changed) Spoleto Festival Italy – 2020 Programme changed June 2, 2011 By Interlude. Official Website. Umbria – Events. In 2020 as well, The Festival of Spoleto, adheres to the Terra Invicta project, in favor of young residents in the earthquake zones of Valnerina, bringing them closer to the world of theater across meetings and guided visits to venues of entertainment. Belli ” – From mid-August to early October. Middle two weeks of August. One of the great pleasures of a visit to Italy is to stumble across a local festival or fair ... Spoleto – Experimental Opera House di Spoleto “A.