Sociology of religion: A critical primer (2015; 9780970491923; pg.9)” — 0 likes “Religion is the symbolic and/or ritualized cultural system of knowledge, which informs behavior, that offers one means of surviving this complex thing we call ‘Life.’ This book, first published in 1947, presents the then-new subject of sociology of religion in systematic and historical theology and in the science of religion, in political theory and the social sciences, in philosophy and psychology, in philology and anthropology. Find Sociology & Religion Textbooks at up to 90% off. This book is the . Plus get free shipping on qualifying orders $25+. Choose from used and new textbooks or get instant access with eTextbooks and digital materials. Archive. Theoretical perspective Major assumptions; Functionalism: Religion serves several functions for society. For junior/senior-level courses in Religion and Society in departments of Sociology and Religious Studies. Sociology of Religion, the official journal of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, is published quarterly for the purpose of advancing scholarship in the sociological study of religion.Browse the archive from last year's issues: Spring - Volume 77, Issue 1 Summer - Volume 77, Issue 2 Autumn- Volume 77, Issue 3 Studying the Bible: The Tanakh and Early Christian Writings. seriously under utilized resource for Marxian sociology of religion. Browse Religion > Sociology Of Religion eBooks to read online or download in EPUB or PDF format on your mobile device and PC. Conversely, the power of Weber’s theories of sociology to help understand religious history was brought to contemporary public and academic audiences in the publication of the seminal work by Norman Gottwald, The Tribes of Yahweh: A Sociology of the Religion of Liberated Israel, 1250-1050 BCE (1999). Using a lively narrative, The Sociology of Religion is an insightful text that investigates the facts of religion in all its great diversity, including its practices and beliefs, and then analyzes actual examples of religious developments using relevant conceptual frameworks. Religion Textbooks. ... Introduction to Sociology adheres to the scope and sequence of a typical introductory sociology course. His teaching and research interests focus on the sociology of religion, social class, and social movements and change. most sociological of all of Bloch’s books, and bears the marks of Bloch’s engagement . These include (a) giving meaning and purpose to life, (b) reinforcing social unity and stability, (c) serving as an agent of social control of behavior, (d) promoting physical and psychological well-being, and (e) motivating people to work for positive social change. William A. Mirola is Professor of Sociology and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Marian University in Indianapolis, IN.