A fairly purist machine, you might say. Topping VX2 S.M.S.L Q5 pro - The S.M.S.L Q5 pro offers a fairly elegant restitution of this track - lacking perhaps only some presence on the singer's voice - but with beautiful guitar chords, well stitched into the top and guided ostensibly. Topping VX2 ... topping mx3 토핑 mx3 디지털 앰프 듣기 1 - Duration: 1:48. jinseok Doo 432 views. Topping VX2 - clean and airy restitution, without excess in way that everything is in place with choruses removed (subtly) from the vocals of the main interpreter and accompaniment worthy of the name, although at times we found it little quiet in the reproduction of deeper sounds. Your email address will not be published. We nearly vibrate along with the cymbals, all with good monitoring of dynamics. Numerous functions such as power control, volume up and down, input sources, EQ settings and many other similar controls may be taken care of using the remote controller. S.M.S.L Q5 pro - The restitution of the first movement of this concerto is so detailed that it captures, for the listener, the significance of every inflection of the orchestra and soloist. Two small toggle switches are found on its left side (the first is for power, while the second, with three positions, selects one of three digital inputs: USB, optical or coaxial. Hi, i have one of these, great unit. Between these cells, three Nichicon 1800uF/35V electrochemical capacitors serve as standby current to the amplifier. S.M.S.L Q5 pro Orgasmed on it. Denon PMA-260 + FX Audio DAC X6 vs SMSL … If someone has one I have the same questions about it. DX3 Pro coming soon. Required fields are marked *. Są jednak inne wzmacniacze tego typu. Alientek D8 XMOS / SMSL AD18 / Topping MX3 보고있습니다. I can sell the Krix for … Just purchased one of these…it’s on from 09:00am until 10:00pm every day and barely gets warmer than room temperature – regarding the remote, the included instructions seemed easily understood – first select “A” to control the amplifier (it controls a CD player in other modes), so perhaps they saw this review and fixed the problems you mention…. This 45w x 2 (4ohm) digital power amplifier can be used for multi-function equipment. Willing to consider others as well. In the area of outputs, the STA326 boasts filter circuits composed of inductors and plastic dielectric capacitors, which will transform the amplifier signals into analog signals usable by speaker. The SMSL Q5 Pro offers a number of connectivity features. Many consumers complained that the device getting too hot when it is on. To conclude: A few words about each amplifier. The remote control included in the SMSL Q5 Pro package offers a number of functionalities and might be used from anywhere in the room. From a practical point of view, the difficulty is in having all of the necessary devices available simultaneously for testing in real-time, and from an objective point of view, well, it's just difficult to be objective (each to their own, after all)! Nuforce DDA120 - Restitution is vivid, fine, balanced and sparkling, but you really have to push the volume to obtain a sound level that gives real body to the restitution and begins to stir eardrums. The connection to the speakers is through small-sized terminals accepting banana plugs as well as naked wire. Views? 64% Upvoted. A rather austere presentation with a grey-black finish for the FX-Audio D802, whose facade is pretty loaded with inscriptions and a 'mute' LED remains lit continuously to indicate that in fact the internal relays connect the speakers to the amplifiers (does not turn off when we activate 'mute' on the remote control, although it is probably acting by setting the level to 0). It comes enclosed in an elegantly crafted aluminum case and beneath the hood is a great stereo amplifier. When looking for a DAC/Amp for this set up, I was undecisive between the SMSL AD18 and this Topping unit. Topping MX3 - SMSL Q5 Pro and ADSL 18 Killer? The sound quality is very lively, with punch and a certain density, but with a small tendency for treble. 2018-03-28. Xtenik (www.xtenik.com) was established in 2016, our goal is to provide the best audio products at the most affordable price for our clients. I have an issue with receiving audio in via the optical input from a Samsung Series 4 tv from devices attached to the tv via HDMI… regular tv station audio comes through fine. There is a power button on the left side of the amp,  while it also incorporates a stylish dial on the right. Nuforce DDA120 - The dynamic width of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, particularly on the discrete set of the orchestra and the soloist in the first movement, is carried with a very good definition and reproduces the wonderfully recorded movement with power and mastery. An analog stereo source can also be plugged into a jack 3.5 mm, the signals are digitized internally. So we made sure to have all four digital amplifiers at our disposal for testing simultaneously (which is easier than testing four different types of Column Speaker!).