Please also note our showroom and warehouse remain closed to the public. Include: original customer name, copy of original order, purchase date, order #, and explanation of problem. The Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator is made from heavy gauge 3″ SCH 40 6061 precision machined aluminum for a proper seal and long life. This is the cold smoker we recommend for use with our pellet grills! Also included is a stainless steel cleaning brush. Pellet Grills & Smokers by Smoke Daddy. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. It also has plenty of room for hot ash and is designed so not to interfere with air flow. Essentially a 2 in 1 cold smoker, simple yet effective design, perfect for cold smoking all your favourites; eggs, fish, cheese and bacon. We offer a high output, adjustable air flow electric pump. Darrell. Made from a heavy gauge stainless steel screen with large openings, the Vortex® will hold up to the demands of smoking and allows the maximum amount of airflow to facilitate a proper burn. In addition, it is specifically designed to be used in two different configurations: the first to be used from 2-3 hours of smoke and the second from 6-8 hours of smoke just by turning it over. Essentially a 2 in 1 cold smoker, simple yet effective design, perfect for cold smoking all your favourites; eggs, fish, cheese and bacon. Once the faulty component has been inspected by SDI, SDI will ship out the replacement component within 1-2 business days of receiving. Send package to provided shipping address, SDI will provide an email once replacement part has been dispatched. Any Smoke Daddy can be refilled at any time during the smoking process without having to relight it or open your smoker. The Big Kahuna offers 1-2 hours of smoke time on a single fill, and this unit will take care of even your biggest cookout events! kman1511 (verified owner) – November 15, 2018. Great for hot smoking as well. This cold smoker is designed to use wood pellets and for best results, use at temperatures 250° F and below. Unlike other cold smokers that operate in a similar fashion, the unique circular design allows the Vortex® to be refilled without the hassle of relighting. The Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. You can smoke anything from cheese, nuts, salt, brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, etc and make a custom smoker by attaching to your existing unit! This cold smoke generator allows you to create a custom cold smoker and offers 3-4 hours of smoke time on a single fill. Sign up for the latest news, offers and recipes. It will overcome the back pressure from the pellet grill fire pot fan. No expensive cartridges to buy – just use your favorite wood chips/chunks! All ash that results from the pellets are contained within the Vortex® Smoker after your smoking session, eliminating any unnecessary cleaning. *PLEASE NOTE* If attaching the cold smoke generator to a Green Mountain Grill, we recommend using an additional air pump. The Big Kahuna is for the larger BBQ and smoker up to the size of a refrigerator and works with large wood chips, wood chunks or pellets. It provides plenty of smoke for the larger smokers. This is great for having a high volume of air at start-up, allowing some woods to be lit more easily. Perfect for applications that are a standard grill size and larger. They are designed with the smoke outlet tube above the fuel source to prevent clogging and have a removable end cap for easy lighting. Re: Bella or Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator « Reply #9 on: August 09, 2020, 01:20:24 PM » After a few more NOT COLD but lower than your standard BBQ smoke sessions making snack sticks, jerky, and salmon, I am for sure ordering the cold smoker right now. Dismiss. You can then lower the airflow gradually to the desired amount. The cleaner burn also results in less ash and a more efficient burn of the pellet meaning you get more smoke from your pellets and they last longer. This is the unit if you want to use large wood chips or wood chunks. With much research the new design facilitates the airflow in order to keep the burn from extinguishing, creating a cleaner burn and making it easier to keep alight. No expensive cartridges to buy – just use your favorite wood chips/chunks. With my pellet smoker, in order to achieve the same smoky flavor, I would end up overcooking my foods beyond the medium cooking level that my family and I prefer. Smoked Daddy are leaders in low n slow innovation and they've done it again with the Vortex. Just used this cold smoker for the first time and it is off the chain!!! I think the smoke daddy cold smoker is absolutely fantastic, I have two of them one of my big barbecue and one of my small portable barbecue and I use them all the time. ONLINE SALES ONLY.