I'm currently looking for overhead mic for live and studio. It was a secondhand one and I used it as a SDC on accoustic guitar. They were thinner sounding, but the drummer preferred that to the sound of the KSM44's. They'll be used as overheads to track drums for all genres, and they'll be my main SDC's Rode NT55's Shure SM81's Sennheiser e614's Sennheiser e914's Shure KSM137's Shure KSM141's AKG C451's ChrisH, Feb 8, 2012 #1. You can also use it … So does anyone have experience with the KSM44's as drum kit overheads? Best Use: Drum Overheads, Hi Hats, Snare, Percussion, Cymbals. Rode M5 on the snare. Compare price @ Amazon or Sweetwater. Its very linear, wide frequency range, low inherent noise and low noise sensitivity at high-frequencies, have made the SM81 the standard for recording acoustic instruments such as guitar, piano and drums. According to Shure, they were designed to mimic the SM81 in cardioid. Any experience with those microphone? First question: Which would you use as drum overhead mics, a pair of shure sm81 or a pair of oktava mk012? The Shure SM-81 drum mic is a good alternative to the large-diaphragm condenser when it comes to recording drum overheads. Hi there Chris. I've heard compliments on drum overhead but I still cannot sure about this mic. A Rode M5 on the hi-hats from below with an Audix ADX-51 on top. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Traditionally, you would see these on acoustic guitar or as drum overheads in some picture of a session in the 80's or early 90's it seems. Shure SM81-LC. Joined: Sep 26, 2005. Problem with Shure sm81 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. RemyRAD Member. Gave a big sound, but we ended up going with a couple Shure SM81's instead. I'm considering KSM32 (SHURE), SM81 (SHURE), KM184 (NEUMANN). Second question: So one of the first mics I bought was a sm81. I'm leaning towards the KSM137s, but the G.J. Now I am planning to multitrack record some drums. Since I live in the UK, their price are about the same in pair. Audix D4 on the floor toms and a D6 with Rode M5 on the Bass drum. Tried a pair of KSM44's for overheads on a drum kit. Audix D2 on each rack tom. I've used them quite a bit lately in the same applications I'd use SM81s. How about KSM32 on piano and vocal? The Shure SM81 is a high-quality, directed condenser microphone with cardioid directivity designed for studio recording, broadcasting, TV recordings and public addressing. For my two overheads the Audix ADX-51 and a pair of the Rode NT-1 for room mics fit perfectly for what I want recorded in MY living room. I'm using the Glyn Johns method for the set up and I don't like sizzle or bright drums, but I do like punch and snap. method recomends large diaphragh mics like the SM27, and the SM81 is a bit of a standard. I've got a Beta 52 just inside the kick and an SM57 on top of the snare. These mics are GREAT.