My experience with both has been that it depends on the application as to which mic is better. But I do enjoy my e609. SENNHEISER E906 VS SENNHEISER E609 ROYER R122 VS ROYER 121 Sennheiser E906 VS Sennheiser E609 ROYER 121 SPEC 's E609 E906 ON THE Frequency Chart Royer 122 MKII Frequency Chart Polar Pattern E609 … Do those of you who use 609 use the filter positions? The e906 has a solid build, both the shaft and the mic head are made of metal that will definitely withstand the rigors of use. I'm looking for advice for a guitar cabinet mic and considering Sennheiser. Page created in 0.29 seconds with 21 queries. Both models have a noticeable peak @ 4 kHz, and the E906 … I can't speak to the superiority of one over the other as I haven't had the pleasure of making the e906's acquaintance. On the other hand, Sennheiser e906 comes with a frequency response range of 40 Hz – 18 kHz and 2,2 mV/Pa sensitivity. This is a very common question among guitar players and engineers everywhere. CLICK … Is the 906 worth the extra money? It also depends on your budget. The link had some great info, thanks!! A while ago someone posted a link to a site containing three different listening samples of the 609/609silver/906 which was quite cool. Sennheiser e609 vs e906; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Sennheiser e906 vs Sennheiser e609 vs Shure SM57 Build and design. The e609 is $99 ($10 off) and the e906 is $149 ($40 off). As far as the e609 vs. e906, I thought the only difference was the presence filter. Sennheiser e609 has a frequency response range of 40 Hz – 15 kHz and 1,5 mV/Pa sensitivity. E609 vs. E906? I always use the 609 for live and really liked the 906 in the studio. Either you’re using it in the studio or on the road, you can be sure that the e906 … You could wait and save up for the 906, but if you enjoy EQ’ing and messing around with sound in general, you may opt for the 609. Everywhere you look, there is a different answer. Sound Reinforcement - Forums for Live Sound Professionals - Your Displayed Name Must Be Your Real Full Name To Post In The Live Sound Forums, LAB: The Classic Live Audio Board FUD Forum Archive,, Is the Sennheiser E906 preferable to the E609? The e609 is better for live situations, but will need more work in getting your desired sound. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. As you can see, Sennheiser e906 has a higher high-frequency peak. Obviously the 906 is "better" because of the filter but both are great mics. Both models have a noticeable peak @ 4 kHz, and the E906 has a three position attenuator to work with that peak. "Will you stand by me against the cold night, or are you afraid of the ice?" Is the Sennheiser E906 preferable to the E609? … Crack The Sky.