Summary. Treatment with OTPB1 or OTPB3 enhanced the levels of defense–related enzymes including peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase and superoxide dismutase in tomato plants. All Both isolates inhibited mycelium growth of A. solani and P. infestans under in vitro conditions and significantly increased root and shoot growth, leaf area and seedling vigour index in tomato. The congruence of QTLs was observed on chromosome 5 in the region RM87-RM334 for three traits, viz., rate of germination, seedling dry weight and vigour index. A single QTL (RM327-RM27) on chromosome 2 contributed highest phenotypic variance of 40.2%. RM87-RM334 region on chromosome 5 was common for vigour index, rate of germination and seedling dry weight. A total 70 papers spanning from 1970 to 2013 was screened and noted its conclusion to enhance rice growth and yield. Aspergillus flavus (745±20µg/ml) and Penicillium spinulosum (600±20 µg/ml) showed maximum phosphate solubilizing activity on 3 rd and 12 th day of incubation. This study also showed that in addition to plant growth and antibiosis, OTPB1 and OTPB3 enhanced systemic resistance in tomato seedlings through induction of growth hormones and defense enzymes. Thomson et al. The use of OTPB1 or OTPB3 in raising disease-free and quality tomato seedlings in pot trays is discussed. showing the greatest increase in all the four parameters. Upland rice plays a major role in the sustainable food security of the country. The polymorphic markers were screened in ten high vigour and low vigour F2 individuals to know initial association. Seed vigour is an important trait for direct seeding in rice. [50,15]. T. virens IMI-392430, T. pseudokoningii IMI-392431, T. harzianum IMI-392432, T. harzianum IMI-392433 and T. harzianum IMI-392434 were evaluated for their potentiality on seed germination and seedling parameters in chili both laboratory and field conditions. In conclusion, in vitro germination of C. brasiliense seeds is feasible in sucrose-free WPM medium and reaches a high contamination-free rate (up to 93.3%). Seed treatment with T. harzianum IMI-3924332 can be useful to enhance the germination of chili seeds as well as reduce to delayed germination. The fungi possess greater ability to solubilize insoluble phosphate than bacteria. The mechanisms by which PGPF act to, resistance, degrade cellulose, solubilize phosphate and, Germination stage is reported to be the most, critical phase in the plant life cycle, because during this, available with regards to enhancement of rice seed, research was carried out to examine the effect of, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti, Kebangsaan Malaysia. effects on shoot length among the tested isolates, compared to the control. Vigour Index (VI) = Rate of germination (%) x Seedling dry weight (mg/seedling). Seedling establishment in the field was closely correlated with the vigor index in the field (simple linear correlation coefficient r = 0.8 to 1.0), establishment and vigor index in the tray (r = 0.5 to 0.9), and coleoptile length in N 2 gas (r = 0.4 to 0.9), suggesting that these characteristics would be useful in the prediction of seedling establishment in anaerobic soil. Upreti, 2013. are characterized by rapid growth, mostly bright green conidia and a repetitively branched conidiophore structure. The experiment was carried out in the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, Dharwad, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad (India) during 2002-2005. Its contribution to phenotypic variance as measured by R2 value for shoot length was 18% (SL10) and 12.1% (SL14), respectively. Genetic improvement of genotypes for early vigour is a better option to control weeds than hand weeding or use of herbicide due to economic and ecological considerations. Similar observations were also noted earlier by Redona and Mackill, 1996b. F3 families were analyzed for early vigour related traits i.e., root (RL) and shoot lengths (SL) in two replications on 10th (RL10 and SL10) and 14th (RL14 and SL14) day after sowing (DAS). 2004; Nagajyothi et al. Shoot length trait is controlled by many QTLs with small contribution from each (Li and Rutger, 1980; Redona and Mackill, 1996 a & b; Zhang et al., 2005b). The results are presented in terms of the usefulness of EM 4 in enhancing germination and seedling growth of rice, a crop planted exclusively with seed. The biocontrol agent, Cladosporium cladosporioides, strain BOU1 was used to evaluate the rice and wheat plant growth by germination percentage, germination index, vigor index- I and vigor index-II in rice and wheat seed. The additive effect could be either positive or negative. In the present study, impact of domestic waste water (sewage) on seed germination and some physiological parameters of rice and wheat were studied. The total weight (mg) of seedlings divided by number of seedlings gave average weight of each seedling. 1Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, Dharwad, UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka, India, 2Barwale Foundation, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, India, 3Insitute of Agri-Biotechnology, UAS, Dharwad, India, Received: 29 May 2013 Accepted: 11 June 2013 Published: 16 June 2013, Visit for more related articles at Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology. Trichoderma isolates The plural selection efficiency can be increased by selecting markers closely associated with these traits. Main and epistatic QTLs on chromosome 5 for dry matter weight have also been reported by Zhang et al. The efficacy of Bacillus subtilis OTPB1 and Trichoderma harzianum OTPB3 were evaluated for in vitro antibiosis to Alternaria solani and Phytophthora infestans, growth stimulation, and induction of systemic resistance in tomato seedlings against early and late blight. Significant reduction in mycelial growth of Bipolaris oryzae and Rhizoctonia solani was observed with BAU-Biofungicide (2%) In vitro condition and reduced disease severity of brown spot and sheath blight was noted in the field. The soluble phosphorus, Phosphate solubilizing activity, titrable acidity, pH and fungal biomass were determined. It has been reported that when N concentration is high, the uptake has positive correlation with photosynthetic rate. It is safe and effective in both natural and controlled environments that does not accumulate in the food chain. Analyzing the possible phosphorus released, from 3 rd , 6 th , 9 th , and 12 th day of incubation. Increased growth of shoot and root caused by Trichoderma implied that there was beneficial effect of inoculation on plant growth and development since root collar and stem diameters were a measure of survivability of seedlings.