Within weeks the mattress started dipping where we sleep. We have had exactly the same issues. An inspector was sent out to me but as the problem is not a visual one - it is in the dexterity/manufacture of the memory foam - the report concluded there was visually nothing wrong with my bed. Mine was not that far off being 'intolerant' even on their scales. Both Bensons and Sealy are a disgrace, Written on: 17/10/2013 We purchased the bed after trying a similar one in a well known bed shop. Am wondering as we are considering buying one ourselves but I'm concerned about the durability of the pillow top. 12 months later & 40 physio theraphy treatments (costing a fortune) We have got no where with this company! It's like we have wrote this review. Good Experience I have never spent so much on a bed. Insomnia, hives, rashes and itchy blisters. the bed had dipped badly on either side and left a lump in the middle. A year later its now causing us backache and my husband and I have a hill in the middle of our mattess. Written on: 01/01/2013 garywood84 (1 review written), This time last year, I bought a Silent Night bed from Benson’s for Beds. We have had the FIRA out who says the same!! Then I blamed myself for maybe over doing it at the gym. It's ridiculous that they get away with all this upheaval & stress. Every single movement can be felt by either partner. So I might try again with FIRA before 6 years is up from the purchase date. SEALY AND BENSONS NEED TO ADDRESS… he measured the dips on each side and said this was normaland it would sort itself out. They have now sent us their report. I believe they no longer sell this model and Sleepmaster no longer exist. Interestingly, for this type of bed, they allow higher maximum sagging tolerances, as it is a pillow top, and the level increases each year, e.g. I had followed all instructions for turning the mattress etc. If so, please take a moment to suggest an edit. So it's £1200 or so to sleep on a 10cm piece of plastic foam. It's not just… I told them that my husband rotates the mattress religiously & they more or less called me a liar. My husband weight 190 and I weight 149pds. We already had a new bedstead . Best Reviews Guide analyzes thousands of articles and customer reviews to find the top-rated products at today’s lowest prices. It's only until his back has now been aching that he is taking me serious. The bed is now over 2 years old and it was just over the one year guarantee when we started to recognise just how bad the problem was, so we thought there was nothing we could do. It causes terrible backache, numbness in the upper body and tossing and turning - everything it is marketed not to do!! To calculate the top 5's we take the following factors into account: Sealy Posturepedic Pillow Top Divan - Ask a question now, “Credit Card purchase of a bed from Bensons for Beds”, “Sealy Nostromo 1400 pocket sprung pillow top mattress”, “My story of Benson’s for Beds and a Sealy Brisbane Bed”, “Sealy The International Collection Benson beds -...”, “You can spend £1,000s, Bensons won't make it right”, “Sealy Posturepedic Gold Pillow Top Divan 4 Draw”, “Do not buy a Sealy memory foam/latex pillow top mattress. Now eight years after owning this Sealy Posturepedic Pillow Top Mattress, it is actually excruciating to sleep in this bed all night. Until i just read this i believed 6 months ago that i must have injured myself and it could NOT possibly my £1500 brand new bed!!! (1 review written), WE purchased the above bed approx 13 months ago for 1400 pounds in a SUPER King size. Written on: 14/03/2013 I'm having the same problem & they don't want to know. (1 review written), Bought the Sydney kingsize with headboard for over £1200 about 12 months ago. I think the inspectors report is designed to fob you off but please don't. We were due for one anyway. garywood84 (1 review written), by They eventually agreed to send out an INDEPENDANT ( ????? ) There are chemicals sprayed on these beds. I would suggest that you do not buy a Sealy because they are probably still selling the sydney but under a different name. After the two weeks I contacted Bensons and after sending photos of the disaster zone they agreed to send a replacement mattress. Read Full Review, We really wanted a nice bed, something more luxurious than your average foam mattress. I'm so glad we didn't change it. Memory foam collapsed leaving huge craters in both sides of the bed and its been so bad that we've actually gone back to using our old mattress that is over 12yrs old. Read Full Review. So I am going to see what I can do about it. We agreed at the time it felt better than our old bed and paid our money to Argos taken in by the sales schpeel. we could get an independant examiner in but the first one had said if the mattress was… There is a dip in the middle of the bed that you are always pulled into. Even when we've 'allowed' the mattress a couple of weeks (ie holidays) to recover its memory, there's no improvement. Sarah2040 I'm out $550, have no bed to sleep on, and couldn't be more furious. Turning the mattress (not flipping - you can't, it's a pillow top) would give… Sealy don't want anything to do with the issue. The only time I sleep in the bed is when the baby is cranky and needs to sleep with me because the bed provides more space than the couch does. Has anybody successfully received a Credit Card refund for their bed purchase from Bensons and do you know if there is any time limit for making a claim? I would not recommend this unless it was a guest bed that was not used often. The fabric on the pillow top actually looks like the bed is an ocean with waves rippling exactly where we both lie each night. “Sealy Posturepedic Gold Pillow Top Divan 4 Draw” Written on: 11/05/2013 by goodorbad (1 review written) Sleep, I need sleeeep! The depth of the mattress plus top is 36cm so you certainly do need to buy special large bedlinen, and the height of the bed is over 72 cm from the floor, you can't even sit comfortably on the side of the bed. " jaycoates If you try to do it alone, ironically, you will get a bad back!… We had a Sealy before, but had a much firmer mattress than this pillow top. I also got three independent bed companies to inspect the bed and got written reports from them all. deepsleeper (1 review written), We bought ours in December 2011 and are getting some good nights sleeps on it. by It's been two months. Ridiculous for an expensive Sealy bed. It did take a few months and it was relentless but it paid off in the end. Thus, the bed wears out more quickly because the weight cannot be evenly distributed by flipping. We purchased a Sydney super king mattress two years ago and after 13 months we experienced the same problems as yourselves springs gone on one side and lump in the middle. They just relied on the FIRA reports saying the sagging was 'within tolerance'. One of my best purchases. This arrived a further three weeks later. I will be going into Bensons tomorrow to make a further complaint and let them know that I will be taking it further. Only positive it looks quite nice :) And size is right. The inspectors seem to think that this is normal. by We provided photographs showing how bad the bed was and stated we were It felt like sleeping uphill. Comfortable. The mattress was twisted on delivery, and after two attempts to remedy this with equally twisted replacements, Benson’s for Beds asked me to choose a different model. We complained and inspectors came out last week to look at it. They just do not appreciate that the WHOLE pillow top has sagged and thinned out, not just the sleeping dips, meaning that the supports has transformed for the worse across the whole bed. It is the best bed I've ever slept in. Read Full Review, I bought this Sealy Brisbane 'flagship' bed 1 year ago and the comfort and support has rapidly deteriorated to the point where I am now getting sciatic nerve problems from lower back posture whilst sleeping in this bed, and am seeing the doctor about it (I am young). I usually spend my nights on the couch. The mattress retains heat too, so when you want to get back into bed with breakfast it is still toasty ;) the only down side is the mattress is very deep so it was hard to find decent fitted sheets… Bensons for Beds sent a Fira inspector out… You can assume that any good sealy review is a plant/fake review. Thanks! I purchased my Sealy pillow top divan set in November 2011 also and it has caused me immeasurable backache and sleepless nights. The report says thats an end of it unless we want to go for an independent report which me must pay for and they must recognise (sounds like the industry is sticking together on this one)!!