When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 0 Own It. See All Discussions. Even with the very best preamp, any hum and noise picked up by a cable will be amplified, so increasing the mic signal by 28 dB will reduce hum and noise by the same amount.”, “My Focusrite interface doesn’t suffer from any measurable noise at the highest gain, and the lowest and highest audio frequencies drop only tenths of a dB at maximum gain, but the gain control is very touchy near the highest gain setting. *V7 마이크란? This can require the preamp to be run near its maximum gain which often creates a few problems. Although i want to see it perform in the long run durability is important but its something that with its build quality should not be a problem. I figured the Dynamite might be worth a look and listen even in my electrically quiet studio.”, “The tubular case is metal and feels rugged enough to drive a truck over it without damage (I didn’t try this, however!). The V7 Chrome's road-ready design is all metal - no plastic parts here. The method: V7 – Alexis “The V7 is an all around great mic … V7 – Gearslutz “I was surprised at how well-voiced the V7 is for a mix, closer to a LDC mic than the usual hand-held; a clear bright representation with plenty of detail in the vocal range.” – Arthur Stone, Gearslutz.com. Learn more V7 1 Review Sell this product. Overheads: Beyer M201, Beyer M88, EV 635a, EV RE10, sE V7, Audio Technic ATM25, AKG D119es, Sennheiser 421 U5. I measured the same gain with a direct signal measurement using Room EQ Wizard, and using a ribbon mic with an output impedance of 300 Ohms on a mic stand a few inches from a speaker. The chrome-plated chassis' high quality, highly durable zinc alloy is designed to hold up under on-stage stress for years, and the spring steel mesh grille is dent-proof and corrosion-free for perfect … A comparison of 3 dynamic microphones: the Shure SM58 and the sE Electronics V3 and V7. First, with some “more affordable” preamps the highest setting may bring up considerable analog hiss and digital noise. For me, the Dynamite fits the bill.”, Tags: Gearslutz, review, X1 S, X1 S Studio Bundle, Tags: V3, dynamic, V Series, Gearslutz, review, Tags: V7, V3, V Series, dynamic, Gearslutz. That turned out to be totally true. And third, the gain control of many preamps has low resolution in the last 10% or so of the control range, making it difficult to set it near the maximum setting.”, “And anyone needing to feed a dynamic mic signal over a long cable, and possibly in a venue with lots of electrical interference should really benefit if the unit does what it claims. Excerpts reprinted with kind permission from Gearslutz.com, “Although I haven’t been recording in live venues for years, the idea of a phantom powered preamp for dynamic and ribbon mics in my studio has been tempting. It doesn't have a cheap feel. V7 When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. That is flat! The V7 is sE Electronics first dynamic microphone (along with the V3) and sE's first handheld since the H-1 cardioid condenser (manufactured 2009-13). In addition to the V7X I own a V7 and a BFG chrome V7, which is the same mic but with bling. We received permission to share some of it here, but you should definitely click through and read the whole thing if you have a little more time! Room EV 635a (2) taped to the floor : sE 일렉트로닉스의 다이나믹 마이크 입니다. 오늘은 영국 1순위의 자명한 프로오디오 전문웹사이트 “Gearslutz” 의 V7 마이크에 대한 리뷰를 전해드리고자 합니다.