Articles Wardell Gray, an incomparable tenor saxophonist who performed with Parker on several occasions, was part of an excellent jam group recorded live in 1950. Download the pdf of Scrapple From The Apple with full harmonic analysis, chord-scales & arrows and brackets. Article excerpt. Since 2000 it has been recorded by pianist Keith Jarrett’s trio, harmonica player Hendrik Meurkens, guitarist John Pizzarelli with clarinetist Buddy Defranco, and by bassoonist Daniel Smith in his 2007 release. It’s all under the tab Shop now. Jim SAkofsky. | The song has been performed through the years by many prominent jazz musicians such as pianist Bill Evans, saxophonists Gerry Mulligan, Art Pepper, and Stan Getz, guitarist Jim Hall, organist Jimmy Smith, and trumpeter Blue Mitchell. A Savoy CD set contains four different live versions from early 1949--a golden opportunity to study Bird’s creativity. Sonny Rollins: "Oleo" on Bag's Groove. On his 2000 release Serve You, Ma’am? as. I prefer to think of moving up a fourth for the next three changes with each chord lasting two measures each. Read preview. "Donna Lee" is a bebop jazz standard attributed to Charlie Parker, although Miles Davis has also claimed authorship. The 8-bar bridge consists of four dominant chords moving around the cycle. Where might I go to purchase them? | Notice how that creates a Dominant to minor relationship. Biographies Copyright 2005-2020 - 00:58-02:59. It is common for ii V7’s to be added to the … | Along with Gray is his cohort from Count Basie’s band, trumpeter Clark Terry, and the Parker-inspired alto saxophonist Sonny Criss. Once you know the first chord of the Rhythm bridge the rest is rather easy. “Scrapple From The Apple” is a bebop tune written by the great pioneer of bebop himself, Charlie Parker. Start by learning one phrase at a time (2-4 bars). 1957-10-12. Charlie Parker based “Scrapple From The Apple” on the chords to “Honeysuckle Rose,” with the bridge from “I Got Rhythm.” These were both songs that Parker had played as a teenager so “Scrapple” must have meant a lot to him. See his article for […], © 2020 All Things Trumpet. The Farmer Reed scrapple had nearly 19 percent of fat, 11 percent of protein, and 7 percent of starch, with 59 percent of water. This is one of the most popular bebop tunes to … Charlie Parker “Scrapple from the Apple”¶ Discographic Information¶ Instrument. Wheat flour and cornmeal were both present, and the wheat gives it a better flavor than when all cornmeal is used. Permission & contact information. A 1951 live recording from the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, California, captures West Coast jazzers Shorty Rogers (trumpet) and Art Pepper (alto sax) in an informal setting, atypical compared to their commercially recorded efforts. - All Rights Reserved      Search Although the recording balance leans a bit toward the drums (not a bad thing necessarily considering Shelly Manne is the drummer), the music is obviously inspired. Theory Scrapple in the Apple . So in this case the tonic is F so the first chord of the bridge is A7. Alto saxophonist Charlie Parker was in California recording for Dial records in 1946-47, but following a breakdown which required hospitalization at Camarillo State Hospital, he returned to New York to continue recording for Dial. I know others prefer to think of moving around the cycle by moving down a fifth. 1947-11-04. Bird took the A section of these changes and made a “contrafact” out of it, or a new melody over the changes to a jazz standard. Charlie Parker “Scrapple from the Apple” Contents. Proper Records (P1282) Recording Date. 57.6 s. Position in Track. | Written in A-flat, it is based on the chord changes of the jazz standard "(Back Home Again in) Indiana". Line Up. Total Duration. Oleo Theoretical Analysis and Comparison. The group jells magnificently and turns in an exceptional performance. By posting, you give permission to republish or otherwise distribute your comments in any format or other medium. […] it’s a good idea to spend time working out different approaches over the bridge. Once submitted, all comments become property of New York City's hot tabloid war has always inspired fearless reporting and writing. Songs | Transcription PDF. Notice what happens when you sub in the tritone for the second and fourth chord – A7 – Ab7 – G7 – F#7; suddenly we have a nice chromatic downward movement. trumpeter/harmonica player/vocalist Robert Moore scatted through “Scrapple from the Apple” with fellow vocalist Nancy King before swinging into Andy Razaf’s lyric for “Honeysuckle Rose.” “Bird updated the changes from ‘Honeysuckle Rose,’” Moore told jazzstandards. "Scrapple From the Apple" Charlie Parker Quintet, 1947 Ken Burns Jazz III:12 Audio Form diagram "Scrapple From the Apple" is as close as possible to Parker's late 1940s quintet.