Adora made a plan to sneak into Scorpia's home, having figured out where she was. She is a member of the The Horde. Entrapta hacked the spire, discovered Glimmer's whereabouts, and found out that Prime was sending reinforcements to Etheria. Unfortunately, Scorpia was chipped during the battle, therefore becoming one of the mind-clones. Scorpia and Entrapta have a friendly working relationship, considering her part of her "Super Pal Trio". Scorpia appears human-like with added physiological features of a scorpion, including a long stinging tail and strong broad pincers, further detailed with some sections of hard carapace. First being Megamind because that is such a underrated cinematic masterpiece. Stay safe and healthy. According to a post by Noelle, the two have begun a romantic relationship, meaning they are currently girlfriends. It's time for the Princess Prom, hosted by Princess Frosta. Sea Hawk and the company bluffed their way into the soiree. They became better friends while Scorpia was a prisoner, even being given a flower by Perfuma as a sign of friendship. She is tall, with a strong, rather endomorphic physique. Upon finding out that Scorpia is a Princess, Catra convinces Scorpia to take her as her plus one in "Princess Prom". CatraEntraptaSea HawkThe Rebellion, Frosta, Perfuma (girlfriend) Melog and Bow fight their way through the clones in the spire, swiftly cutting a path to Entrapta's setup from before he was abducted. In "The Perils of Peekablue", she was the one who figured out Peekablue was actually Double Trouble in disguise. Catra secretly did care about Scorpia, since she has been driven insane by Scorpia’s absence (due to her crippling mental stability caused by everyone she cared about abandoning her. He talks to Scorpia and absolves her of guilt for anything she did while under Horde Prime's influence, to the point where she is able to resist fighting him for just a second, time enough for him to finally deploy the program and deactivate all of the chips. After her number, she went backstage and started to talk the Prince into helping them. Their time together is hinting a friendship despite being on opposing sides. Season four. When Netossa listed down everyone’s weaknesses, she acknowledged how Perfuma’s main weakness was her inability to hurt the people she cares about, which proved to be a disadvantage to the Rebellion as half of their members and friends were chipped. In "Princess Prom", Scorpia tells Catra that the Horde crash-landed in her back yard. Catra Edit. She went into some ruins that used to belong to their family before the Horde conquered her kingdom as she again tried to defend Catra, but then Emily showed her the recording of Catra sending Entapta to Beast Island and Scorpia doing nothing because she was afraid. She, Melog, and Bow all hug in joy. Stats She did not like Adora but didn't hate her either. Runestone Super Pal Duo (formerly)Super Pal Trio (formerly)The Princess Alliance The two have come to be quite close. Nov 27, 2018 - Print of Scorpia at the Princess Prom, from DreamWorks' SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER. After Catra's spiteful comments she walks away from her "bad friend" and gathers the courage to finally leave the Horde with Emily so that she can save Entrapta. Perfuma constantly worried about Scorpia, holding on to the belief that Scorpia’s conscious still existed inside her, and was fighting back the chip‘s mind control. She was the one who suggested the attack during the events of "Princess Prom" and carry it out. The pair fought Prime side by side several times in season five. Glimmer orders her to go help the other princesses. Occupation The gang questioned Double Trouble until a chipped Mermista joined them and broke the glass protecting them from the sea. She was willing though to stay in the Crimson Waste, showing that she'd choose Catra over her long time home, the Horde. Scorpia's astrological sign is Cancer, also known as the crab. When Catra order Entapta to be sent to Beast Island she was against it but Catra threatens to do the same her if she stepped out of line. This means that Scorpia's family is from whatever the Fright Zone was called before Hordak crashed there. But later near the end of the fourth season, Scorpia left the Horde and joined the Rebellion, along with Princess Alliance. princess prom portraits! As she is about to leave, Scorpia goes on that even though Catra has done terrible things she cares about her, Glimmer tells her to relax because "we're the good guys." Scorpia broke into the prison to rescue Catra, but Catra refused her help because she felt that caring for others is what got her in trouble in the first place. Media Information Glimmer was also astounded by Scorpia's newly acquired lightning powers. Etheria Her family were the rulers of the Fright Zone prior to the arrival of Hordak. Frosta also became very interested in her pincers and found them really cool. She wore the dress again in the episode "Perils of Peekablue". Scorpia Eventually, she turned to Adora and the rest of the Rebellion for help in rescuing Entrapta. Perfuma and Scorpia had a heart-to-heart where Perfuma encouraged Scorpia to not let her dreams be dreams; this led Scorpia to sing a song beautifully. He was only rescued when Entrapta released a crane that knocked out Scorpia so that they could continue with their mission. She is a member of The Horde.She appears to be part-human, part-scorpion. Scorpia was tasked with finding an Entrapta's notes. scorpia and mermista available in my print shop. The gang dons their best clubbing clothes which, for Scorpia, is the gown she wore to Princess Prom, calling back to the beginning of her arc in Season 1. Scorpia was part of the invasion force during the Battle of Bright Moon.