Visit us at any of our locations in Santa Ana, Long Beach, Gardena, Bellflower, and Lawndale! Today we’re focusing just on the insides though, and these 48 delicious crepe fillings will rule your … Breakfast, lunch or dinnertime dessert, there’s also a variety of times to serve them. In ~20 weeks, we’ll have dozens of eggs EACH WEEK and you’re all invited over for some of these Savory Breakfast Crepes. Holy crepe! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you. They can be filled with just about anything; broccoli, onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts, bell … Mmm, savory crepes. An easy meal to make, crêpes are versatile, quick, and can be as flamboyant as you wish it to be. Problem is, I can’t convince them to give me ALL the free crepes. This post may contain affiliate links. Looks like an omelet, tastes like a veggie filled, magically delicious cross between an omelet and a crepe. bring the mimosas. All without cracking a single egg. Savory or sweet, there are tons of ways to create the most perfect of crepes. Welcome to Loaded Cafe, your neighborhood breakfast restaurant! We share the basic There’s a really delicious crepe place here in Nashville that I’m kind of obsessed with. These Ham and Cheese Savory Crepes are beyond fantastic, easy to make and will take breakfast (or brunch) to a whole new level.