Ray and Geneva Goad opened their first restaurant, about ten years after Ray was discharged from the Navy at the end of WWII. Our Guarantee. All Rights Reserved. Etzler Country Hams are cured with a sugar/salt mixture using a recipe from our family's heritage. If you know where North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky almost join, that's where Rays Country Ham was born. Live better. Other products include lard, bacon, ham, ham hocks, sausage and souse meat.If you are … Remember our country hams are salt cured and will be salty in nature. Ray Goad became an American Fast Food Pioneer with an unsung influence on how most American’s now have breakfast. ➞. Its the Real Thing, and you have found it! The Genuine Smithfield Ham is a world-famous country ham – aged, smoked, and dry cured with salt for 6-12 months. Save money. About Sugargrove Ham Company, Taylorsville, Boone, North Carolina. National Country Ham Association | PO Box 948, Conover NC 28616 | 828.466.2760 | [email protected]@CountryHam.org Ray Goad was the first to open for breakfast at his Ray’s Kingburger restaurants featuring his Country Ham and homemade from scratch southern biscuits that his mother made at Ray’s Starlight Restaurant, in Mount Airy, N.C. Ray Goad was a true Fast Food pioneer. Here on the homestead, cured hams are just one of the products we make from our own hogs. Sweet Cure Hams are not cured with salt and have a milder, sweeter taste. You can choose from our main Virginia ham selections. Country Hams are a traditional Virginia Ham cured with salt, and the Genuine Smithfield Ham is a country ham with a longer cure time that has a more robust taste. Learn More. National Country Ham Association | PO Box 948, Conover NC 28616 | 828.466.2760 | [email protected]@CountryHam.org In 1972, there was not a single McDonalds, Wendy’s or Hardee’s that was open for breakfast. Save Up To 50% on Select BLACK FRIDAY Deals! And if you know and love the beautiful shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, that's where you will still find us today. Bacon Etzler Country Bacon has a unique flavor that compliments many side dishes such as green beans, … Salt-cured by hand and smoked with natural hickory wood, ... Country Ham that's hickory smoked, aged 4 to 6 months and glazed with brown sugar and honey. Virginia Country Ham is our specialty at Smithfield Marketplace. You can’t eat at a Rays Kingburger restaurant today, but you can find Ray Goad’s Breakfast Sandwich at fast food restaurants a few blocks from your home all across the USA. Unlike other hams, Browning's isn't overly salty - just rich, wholesome, and cured to perfection. Page. An Award Winning Broadbent Country Ham is Dry Cured, Hickory Smoked and Aged to perfection. Now, all of these years later, I found you on the internet and ordered. Join our virtual neighborhood and connect with the Country Ham Life. Shop for Country Ham at Walmart.com. Our all natural ham comes from free range pork raised without antibiotics and cured without nitrites except for those naturally occurring in sea salt or celery powder. See our Product Assortment. Look for our most popular country ham sold in restaurants and fine retailers all over the Southeastern United States. Buy Ray's Original Style Country Ham Direct now from Ray's Online Store, where all orders receive FREE Shipping. We just call it home, and that's a place on this map where you will find A Taste from Another Place in Time. Available at LOWE’S FOODS in NC.Ask your Grocery Store for RAY'S COUNTRY HAM, Ray’s Country Ham Brand is available for representation by approved gourmet food distributors CONTACT US. Broadbent Country Hams are dry cured, meaning they are hand rubbed with a cure … There's good ham… and then there's farm fresh country cured ham. He was known far and wide for serving his style of Country Ham with the homemade from scratch southern biscuits his mother made at Rays Starlight Restaurant, in Mount Airy, N.C., the home of Andy Griffith and Mayberry USA. Store Location. $139.00. A Country Ham is a whole primal section of the pig, bones skin, trotter and all are included. Since 1997, all of us at Sugargrove Ham Company and our parent company Mays Meats of Taylorsville, NC are dedicated to the art and science of processing meat and delivering the freshest and best sugar-cured country … The day after our wedding, on 11/29/86, we ate at Ray’s Starlight Restaurant and I had country ham biscuits. American country ham is almost always cured using the “salt box” method. Go to RAY’S STORE to Order Now — Free Shipping. Note: some shipping options near the holidays may be blocked because of our shipping cut-off dates. 1 2 View All. And now you can enjoy the taste of his Original Style Blue Ridge Mountain Country Ham in every slice of the Rays Country Ham Brand. Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. Once cooked, they can make a beautiful dinner centerpiece or delicious sandwiches and ham biscuits (be sure to cut … Stephen M. – Country Ham Memory Just wanted to share with you my memory of Ray’s Country Ham – Long ago my wife and I were on our honeymoon in Mt Airy. Browning's Country Ham is cured for up to 13 months, achieving an unforgettable flavor that simply can't be replicated. Visit us in the town that made "ham" famous... © 2020 Smithfield Marketplace. That was long before Ray became the first to ever serve it between a Southern Biscuit in a Fast Food Restaurant. We strive to exceed your expectations. Salt Cured Country Hams. You can’t eat at a Ray’s Kingburger restaurant today, but you will find Ray Goad’s Breakfast Biscuit sandwich at any fast food restaurant all across the USA. They called that place Mount Airy long before our neighbor Andy Griffith, along with the rest of the world started calling it Mayberry. So many processed ham brands claiming to be Country Ham are very different from our natural air-dried Country Hams cured with the same methods used for generations on the family farms of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bringhurst Meats has been serving South Jersey since 1934. From day-one naturally Dry Cured Blue Ridge Mountain Country Ham was featured on the menu. We are a family-owned, full service butcher shop known for.... offering the freshest meats from regional farms. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, Our Customers are Saving Country Ham for the Next Generation by Eating More Today. Ray Goad was the very first to serve his Country Ham and Sausage Biscuits in a fast food restaurant. These carefully prepared hams make for the perfect gift or flavor-packed centerpiece for a special meal. Felts smoked, pepper-coated, dry-cured hams deliver that coveted salty country ham taste. Country Hams are a traditional Virginia Ham cured with salt, and the Genuine Smithfield Ham is a country ham with a longer cure time that has a more robust taste.