The Android App on Google Play logo and Google Play are trademarks of Google, Inc. STAY AWAY FROM IT! POSSIBLE CAUSE: DC voltage exceeds 40 voltsSOLUTION: Disconnect the unit from the power supply. Garage door opener activates, but the garage door does not move. The Genie Excelerator II uses a DC motor and an electronic adjustable speed drive (ASD) to open a garage door quickly. The opener buttons in the car have limited range. I spoke with the building manager and asked why. Reset travel limits. Wait several minutes before reconnecting. Introducing The RYOBI Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener. Tighten all parts securely, POSSIBLE CAUSE: The open travel limit has been set incorrectly (Single Panel Doors Only)SOLUTION: Adjust the travel limits as described in the Operation section, POSSIBLE CAUSE: AC power supply is disconnectedSOLUTION: Connect AC power supply, POSSIBLE CAUSE: GFCI is trippedSOLUTION: Press the reset button on the console. I reset the GFI tried several times with the same result. My previous garage door opener would work 3-4 houses away. Wait several minutes before reconnecting. Divinity provides you a ryobi garage door opener light arrays are available to install the rail assembly to earn advertising program button. Page 47: Maintenance Some functionality shown requires the Ryobi Garage Door Opener App. Biggest issue is the connectivity and the app is garbage. Car button- The button for the car is only works if I’m in my driveway (which is 30ft long). System App feature when installed with a sectional door. Sensors are clear but it still hesitates. Have door spring repaired or replaced by a qualified service technician. Yes the app is garbage. One of the sensors by the door probably got bumped. A buzzer sounds five times and the garage door opener’s LED lights blink five times. Smartphone not included. He told me the city requires everything to be either GFCI or AFCI and they are required to do it now. If you look at the “Operation and Maintenance” manual, you will see a slightly ominous note in “General Troubleshooting – Opener does not run” that reads, “ [Check for] a non-compatible GFCI. Garage door opener is in the fully open position and cannot be closed with a car remote, smart phone, or keypad. A buzzer sounds continuously and the SET button in the console blinks continuously. If problem persists, contact customer service. POSSIBLE CAUSE: A step for programming the outdoor keypad was not completed within two minutes.SOLUTION: Complete each step for programming the outdoor keypad within two minutes. Connect the power supply and reset travel limits. POSSIBLE CAUSE: A step for setting the travel limits was not completed within two minutes.SOLUTION: Complete each step for setting the travel limits within two minutes. Not I’m locked in with it bc I already got rid of the previous opener and too much work putting a new track / opener. Apple is not endorsing or sponsoring this product. It works great and runs the motion light when the power goes out as well as opens the door a few times. I Love the battery back up. Is your garage door opener blinking? Doesn’t open or close and makes a weird noise when you try and open or close it with the Bluetooth opener. I spoke with the building manager and asked why. Drilled a hole to drain it, put a fan on it a few days and still works! If it's a mechanical weird noise, that's not good, but if it's some sort of audio then it might be the door trying to tell you somethings wrong audibly. He told me the city requires everything to be either GFCI or AFCI and they are required to do it now. POSSIBLE CAUSE: The safety sensors are not receiving power.SOLUTION: Inspect sensor wires for damage and ensure they are installed correctly. My model has a hard wired opener button. The reset was inside the garage. As long as you can overlook its shortcomings it has some positives. The idea behind the accessory ports and 18volt battery backup is the greatest thing ever. When a car remote, smart phone, or keypad is used a buzzer sounds and the UP and DOWN buttons in the console blink continuously. There is a timer for the lights that last 4 minutes. Garage door begins to close then stops and reverses. Ryobi garage door opener freaking out and not going down. I could turn the openers light on and off but as soon as I tried to open the garage door it immediately tripped the GFI. I don’t use the keypad outside the door. And although I love the concept of this system, I have seen soooo many posts on the problems with the system and it doesn’t seem Ryobi wants to address or fix it. If problem persists, contact customer service. Your opener has a logic receiver board that controls the light features. POSSIBLE CAUSE: Safety sensors became misaligned or obstructed during testingSOLUTION: Remove the obstruction or align the safety sensors as described in the Installation section. POSSIBLE CAUSE: The wire connecting the keypad to the power head has been damagedSOLUTION: Replace damaged or broken wires, POSSIBLE CAUSE: Circuit breaker is trippedSOLUTION: Reset circuit breaker, POSSIBLE CAUSE: The outer trolley is not engaged with the inner trolleySOLUTION: Pull the emergency release rope and raise the garage door until the outer trolley engages the inner trolley, POSSIBLE CAUSE: The door arms are not connected to the garage doorSOLUTION: Secure the door arms to the garage door using clevis and hitch pin, POSSIBLE CAUSE: The garage door opener is in Vacation Mode.SOLUTION:Press the LOCK button on the indoor keypad or smart phone app to unlock the garage door opener, POSSIBLE CAUSE: Fasteners may not be tightened securelySOLUTION: Inspect the entire product for loose parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, caps, etc.