Once you defeat Maximus, you'll receive several 'relics of the Matriarch'. Welcome to Pidona. He'll let you pick four people from your party to take with you. It's the only way to get to several of these areas, like the Great Arch. Luckily, you can recruit him later to earn the Trophy/Achievement, if you want. Romancing SaGa™ 3 was originally released in Japan in 1995. Head back downstairs to the entrance area of the Tower. Here you'll find a couple of chests. You passed it by earlier on your way to the second switch, but it was gated. Rukh (ぞう, Zo?) Cain will ask that if you find any Blacksmiths out in the world, to tell them to return to Pidona. Side Quests Covered in this Section:1. This Side Quest will be completed slowly over the course of the game, as you visit new areas. Talk to her, and she will join you. That's your goal. He'll mention that he has Divine Order robes, and that he is willing to sell them if you're interested... With the robes, you'll automatically be ushered inside the Tower. You'll find Lady Muse, Charl, and Thomas inside. You'll learn that Maximus has now gone to the Port (this is Maximus at the Port). A Safe Return. For recruiting Tatyana, you'll earn the 'Sweet Facade' Trophy/Achievement. The Port of Ports. Muse Claudia Claudius (ミューズ・クラウディア・クラウディウス, Myūzu Kuraudia Kuraudiusu? This includes the Staff of Glory, Masquerade, the Matriarch's Spear, Triones Blade, and the Archfiend's Axe. Work your way through the dungeon. So you'll have him sooner or later. You've probably noticed her as well. You'll need to go there now. This is where you'll find the entrance to the Archfiend Palace, also known as the Earth Abyss Gate. While you talk, a girl named Nora will rush in to talk to Cain as well. You'll be fighting four short battles in quick succession. After sleeping, try heading up the stairs. If you don't know where the elevator is, it's straight inside from the entrance to the Tower. TOWNS & HOUSES Town (1) Faros, Loanne, Mahzoz, Ryblov Stanley, Wilmington, Zweig: House (1) Faros, Loanne, Mahzoz, Pidona (Old & New) Ryblov, Stanley, Wilmington, Yarmouth, Zweig: Town (2) Justerm, Lance: House (2) Justerm, Lance, Professor's Hall, Frostburg Earthside Cabin: Harbour: Ake: Ake (house) Fairyville, Jungle: Fairyville (house) Frostburg (Town & House) 1. Part 10: Invading the Lobster Island Chapter 8 - Invading the Lobster Island In our last episode, we endured the tag-teaming fire and water duo of Agni and Rudra! However, one of them is very important, and carries on a Side Quest you started a while ago...Quest for the Spear. Game Save #1 ~2.29 KB Slot 1 - (Harid) Just completed the introduction. Battle atop the Tower9. Romancing SaGa 3 is a 1995 role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the Super Famicom. You'll be told that Maximus just headed for New Town (this is 'Maximus in New Town') Head up that way right now! If you head to the building to the west, and head to the basement, you'll meet Cain and Nora. Upon entering, you'll receive the 'Dream Eater's Realm' as an entry in your Adventure Log. You'll be brought to Thomas' cousin by an old man (the Friendly Guide). You'll find the switch you're looking for. However, this would be a lot of work for one person to handle alone since the scripts cover 2.5-3 hours of material. Developed by industry veterans including the legendary developer Akitoshi Kawazu, Romancing SaGa™ 3 was originally released in Japan in 1995. The Workshop Restored. ), also known as Muse (ミューズ, Myūzu? This gives you the 'A Visitor' entry. ". In New Town, talk to the townspeople. Much later. This enemy is pretty tough, and it hits hard. If you're playing as Thomas, this section is different. He actually has another Staff of Vivacity!