Absolutely, and Here’s How! So, there are different types of tomatoes and their specific uses. Both plum and Roma tomatoes are two most commonly used variants of tomatoes. Though open pollination doesn’t make the roma’s flavor any different, it does allow it to form new viable seeds within, which is perfect for those interested in propagating them at home! We would love to hear from you! But the two have different growing conditions. Tomato is scientifically referred as Solanum lycopersicu, and it comes under the family Solanaceae. Which is the fruit you consumed mostly during your pregnancy phase? These are also called as the Italian plums or Italian tomatoes. Oftentimes, you will see grape tomatoes roasted on the stove top or in the oven and used to compliment sauces or veggies in a stir fry! Plums are widely cultivated in several European and America regions. The prolonged shelf life is possible due to smaller and lesser number of seeds. Plums do not have a shape like the regular tomatoes, these are oval or cylindrical. Aren't these just two different names for one particular kind of tomato? They are also determinate, meaning they produce a whole bunch of fruits at once and then die, without forming new leaves and fruits; this bulk yield makes them another great choice for sauce! The thick-walled, oblong plum tomato is synonymous with Italy. They don’t contain as … Roma vs Plum Tomatoes . Both are tart, yet sweet enough to munch on as an excellent, filling snack! The only difference between plum and roma tomatoes is that roma are a variety of plum tomatoes. Tomatoes have several health benefits along with the capability of being used for different purposes when cooking is concerned. This means that they produce less fruit at once for a longer period of time; so, you’ll have the plant for more than one season, but you won’t have a giant yield all at once. Do you think regular exercises and a well planned diet help us in losing weight? However, like all plum tomatoes, the grape variety is more oblong than cherry tomatoes. Here’s What We Found Out. That’s why they are more popular with home gardeners; it keeps the fun going for longer! Tomatoes come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors. So make sure you don’t press too hard into it when deciding on one to purchase. You should buy ones that are plump and brightly colored, with no bruising or broken skin. Which is your Favorite Dish & Dessert from Turkish Cuisine? Here’s What You Should Know! Are you removing pesticides from your fruits and vegetables? Should you Avoid Fruits that have High Sugar levels? You don't always need a fork to savor the best-ever fruits and foods. Is drinking water beneficial to our health. These can be canned and stored for a longer period of time. But why is that? Best Green Onion Substitute – 5 Ideas To Try In A Pinch, Are Cilantro Flowers Edible ? Plum tomatoes have a mild acidity, but a robust flavor, and due to their low moisture content, they are perfect for making sauces, salsas, and tomato … Here’s What You Should Know. It is a fruit used for making pastes, sauces, stuffing, drinks, for cosmetic benefits, canned storage or in soups. Though all tomatoes did originate in Mexico, the variety we have today is, in part, thanks to agricultural breeding practices performed by humans. This site is owned and operated by Ciuraru Dragos PFA, and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This is due to the fact that roma tomatoes are, in fact, the most popular plum variety. It is consumed as a fruit or vegetable and can be eaten raw or as a processed product. Plum Tomatoes vs. Roma Tomatoes. And the plum tomatoes, canned variety are full of flavor along with being rich in their juice. Plum Tomatoes These tomatoes can be recognized by their shape. Roma tomatoes are the large, oval tomatoes that have less seeds than … That means that this variety, unlike most grown commercially today, is actually pollinated naturally! Is It Safe To Microwave Potatoes ? Grape tomatoes. Mexico, the United States, and Australia are the most important areas growing Roma tomatoes. Are there different varieties of plum tomatoes? In addition to romas, plum tomatoes can also be found in two other popular varieties: grape and San Marzano! Roma tomatoes are actually a variety of plum tomato, Is Carrot A Fruit Or Vegetable ? Despite their savory and sweet flavors, plum tomatoes are not overwhelmingly strong, which makes them perfect for sauces and pastes! Plums are more of commercially sold tomatoes. Plum tomatoes’ lack of much water and seeds is what makes them perfect for use in processed sauces and pastes. Here’s What We Found Out, Here’s What Coriander Tastes Like, And What You Can Do About It, Is Cauliflower Just White Broccoli ? But if you must have plum tomatoes, look for organic heirloom varieties like Polish Paste and Oxheart. Always taste before buying and … These sweet, less acidic plum tomatoes are quite recognizable for their long shape, with a point at the bottom sometimes. Stuck in the produce aisle and can’t decide between plum or Roma tomatoes ? Now, the term “heirloom” has gotten a bit confusing over the years due to marketing practices, but all heirloom actually means is that it has not been cross bred with other varieties for over 40 years! They are consumed worldwide. Their high sugar content helps make grape tomatoes one of the most popular tomato varieties for snacking, as well! Read also: The Real Reason Tomatoes Are Berries. Each one of them serves a different purpose. Can You Substitute Pumpkin? They are specifically used in making a paste, for processing and for stuffing. Both plum and Roma tomatoes are two most commonly used variants of tomatoes. San Marzanos, like the roma variety, are also open pollinated; however, unlike their sisters, San Marzanos are actually heirloom tomatoes! However, these are tasteless. And these aren't a hybrid. Are you aware of the health benefits of Green Mangoes? Perhaps the most expensive variety of plum tomatoes, San Marzanos are technically only produced in San Marzano, Italy, though you can now find seeds on the market anywhere in the world. That’s because roma tomatoes are one of the easiest varieties of tomatoes to cook with. Johnny's Selected Seeds 955 Benton Ave. Winslow, Maine 04901 * 1-877-564-6697 So, if you see Romas with the VF tacked onto their names, you can rest assured that those babies are safe from any harmful diseases or infestations! Dear Annette: The California Tomato Commission says plum tomato is another name for a roma tomato. Their pop of flavor and color, along with their sturdy, solid texture make plum tomatoes the most highly sought after when it comes to cooking! When tomatoes are in season, there are many other choices with far more flavor. Roma tomatoes, most notably the Roma VF variety, are plump, red, almost egg-shaped tomatoes! But first, we’ll start with what plum tomatoes are all about. Known in supermarkets primarily as Roma tomatoes, these big-sweet, big-acid tomatoes are … If this surprised you, don’t feel bad; many aren’t aware that romas are a type of plum tomato! The answer is roma tomatoes ! Yes, really! Romas also have an increased fruit bearing capability. Adding herbs like oregano and basil will not get lost within the plum tomato’s flavor; it will simply enhance it! Essentially, there are 7 types of tomatoes used worldwide. Liked what you just read? Plum VS roma tomatoes. Want to read more such stuff? If you’ve ever seen a cluster of medium sized, mildly red oblong tomatoes at the supermarket, chances are they were romas! Should a Pregnant Woman avoid Binge Eating? Interestingly enough, grape tomatoes are believed to have been made first in southeast Asia! San Marzanos are also different from the Roma sisters because they grow indeterminately. Plums have a weaker water retention ability along with having lesser seed compartments. Best nut butter seller in India – The Butternut Company, Wake Up To a Healthy Day With The Butternut Company, Why starting a food truck before a restaurant is a good idea, Stop Wasting Money on Food - 4 Clever Food Storage Tips. Nearly all vegetables and fruits have subtypes, and none of them have names that would tell you anything relevant. Be it a tomato season or not, you can always relish them. Their lack of many seeds means they usually don’t have much liquid in them either, as the viscous part inside tomatoes is what protects the seeds.